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Cultural Sensitivity Essay Paper

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Essay Example on Cultural Sensitivity

The civilization that I have chosen to compose about for this paper is the civilization of India. It can be both a demographic civilization and a religious civilization. depending on the peculiar beliefs of the client. The people of India have multiple beliefs about wellness. India has both conventional and traditional beliefs about medical specialty and unwellness. Food and faith are elephantine factors when it comes to certain Hindu people. depending on his/her personal beliefs. Peoples from Indian civilization hold the readying of nutrient and the nutrient itself in really high regard. An exercising of Indian civilization that is widely accepted includes merely eating certain types of nutrients. non eating certain nutrients during unwellness or non eating any nutrient at all harmonizing to the type of unwellness contracted. This pattern is called “apathyam and pathyam” ( in Sanskrit ) . It has besides been said that if this pattern is followed right than the bulk of diseases and unwellnesss can travel without being treated by medical specialty. Religion is besides a major portion of the civilization in India when it pertains to disease and caring for unwellness.

Essay Example on Cultural Sensitivity

The bulk of the people populating in India pattern Hinduism. Harmonizing to most Indian faiths. the people believe that it is critical to bathe regularly under running H2O. This can be debatable for patients that are confined to the bed or that have urinary catheters or colostomy bags because he or she may experience “unclean” and in some instances believe that he/she is unworthy to pray. Vegetarianism. speculation or supplication. and karma are other aspects of Hinduism that might impact one’s beliefs about unwellness and seeking attention or unwellness. Each caretaker for a individual of Indian civilization or person that patterns Hinduism must be cognizant of the patterns and traditions concerned with both and must be willing to supply sensitive attention consequently. This can majorly affect whether or non an person will take to seek attention. If a client thinks that their caretaker will non be willing to help him/ her harmonizing to their cultural or spiritual beliefs. the client may take non to seek attention at all. which could negatively profit them. The chief concern would be to allow the client know that you are willing to stay by and attention for them in conformity to the client’s beliefs. If the caretaker is incognizant of some of the judicial admissions. the caretaker should be unafraid to inquire. Most times the client will be happy to assist give you the cognition you may necessitate to care for him/her. As a health professional for a individual of Indian civilization or who has a strong Hindu belief system I would be interested to cognize the inside informations of “apathyam and pathyam” so that I could respectfully help them with the clients diet if he/she becomes ill. I would besides help them in any manner I could with bathing so that the client could experience like he/she is “clean” plenty to pattern supplication or speculation freely. Knowledge about client’s personal beliefs is vitally of import to the highly personal function a health professional could play in a client’s life.

Essay Example on Cultural Sensitivity

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