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Cultural Analysis – Paying College Athletes Essay

Essay Topic:

Do you think college athletes should be compensated? Paying college athletes has been a controversial topic within the past few years. You see it all over the internet, in articles, in the news, in ESPN magazines, and almost everywhere. There are many pros and cons to both sides of the argument brought into discussion by people all over the world. In my opinion, college athletes should certainly not be paid. College athletes should not be paid for several reasons: paying college athletes ruins the way the game is played, college athletes are financially irresponsible, colleges can’t afford to pay the athletes, colleges could not distribute athletes’ salaries fairly, and that college athletes are not professionals.

College athletes being compensated would ruin college sports. Some people say that paying the athletes would bring more competitiveness to the leagues. Competitiveness is already there. This is the reason that colleges have scout and recruiters; they go out of their way to try and pick up the best of the players available in order to build their team to win a championship. Students must realize that playing college sports is a privilege. Every high school athlete dreams and thinks about becoming a college athlete and then going to the professional leagues. I used to dream about playing for the Duke basketball team when I was little but it was unrealistic for me because I knew I didn’t possess the talent and physical traits that these freak college athletes had. I also never dreamed about the money I would be making either, I dreamt about the game itself. I imagined being on the court in front of the entire college, making that game-winning shot, and the place going absolutely berserk and me celebrating with my teammates and the fans. An athlete doesn’t simply just play because they are good at the sport. Athletes play sports in college because they care, for the love of the game, and the opportunity of becoming a prof…

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