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Cuba Essay Paper

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Cuba is full of rich history, culture, unique religions, ethnic blends, and government policies.They have a Government so well known for it’s trickery, deceit, lies, and backstabbing.They also are becoming a new tourist hotspot. people have been flocking there since 1992, when tourism from the United States was allowed.The leader of Cuba is the 84 year old Fidel Castro who has turned Cuba into a Communist society. Most communist states fall shortly after their beginning.Cuba, however, has survived trade and tourist sanctions and the fall of its largest aid, the Soviet Union.It has been 45 years since the beginning of communist Cuba and the communist way of life still flourishes there.To begin with Cuba, Along with this is a historical overview explaining the end its colonization to the beginning of the Castro ruling era (Encarta 2000). In Cuba the people dress very much like Americans, while there are some differences. The men wear shoes that American teens would call “Dress Shoes”(Yahoo, 2004), while girls wear shoes that are “dressy” but a bit more casual (Yahoo, 2004).Morals and ethics were all determined by the family code, which was passed down. No child was ever considered illegitimate, if a mother has an affair and the father is not the husband, the husband is still the father. Men are the mostly dominant they hold most of the jobs, they are heads of the household (Encarta).On 20 dollars a month most families struggle to make it. Since 1991 a special 5-year plan was made to help get though the times with out the Soviet Union, or the United States.A tourists could easily spend 100 dollars a day if they only eat chicken and rice, sleep in a car one night, in a car, and only bring back a few souvenirs.People all over Cuba try to take advantage of the tourists by selling them cigars, offering spare rooms in their houses, even selling sexual favors to wealthy tourists.Tourists are t…

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The following sample is written by Matthew who studies English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan. All the content of this paper is his own research and point of view on Cuba Essay and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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