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CSET Multiple Subject Subtest 3: Physical Education Paper

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Non-Locomotor Skills
Balance, Bend, Sway, Curl, Pull, Push, Stretch, Swing, Turn, Twist
Locomotor Skills
Walk, Run, Jump, Hop, Gallop, Skip, Sidestep, crabwalk, leap.

Moves body to new location

Frequency – How often? Enough for stress but allows time to heal
Intensity – How hard? overload without over-training
Time – How long?
Type – which activity?
Muscular Strength
Amount of force muscle can exert.
Anaerobic activity – free weights, resistance training
Muscular Endurance
Ability of the muscles to perform physical tasks over time without getting tired
1 RM 1 repetition Maximum level
resistance training, yoga, pilates
Cardio respiratory Endurance
Ability of heart and lungs and vessel system to use and send fuel and oxygen to the body’s tissues – For moderate to vigorous activities
Ability to move joints through a full range of motion
Physical Development
Head to toe.
1.) Head, eye, neck
2.) arm, hand
3.) trunk – sitting, balance
4.) legs

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