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Crystal meth addiction case study Paper

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Paper type: Case study , Subject: Addiction

By the clip you are in simple you already have some cognition on drugs.They affect us in assorted ways, sometimes even personally.For Luke it became a personal issue.

At foremost he began populating in the house of a crystal Methedrine nut to research the drug and see first-hand how it affected others. Originally he had no purpose of taking the drug, but after some clip he fell into enticement. Since the house he was populating in was full of crystal Methedrines and crystal Methedrine nuts it’s non surprising that this stoping up go oning. At first he would merely utilize it occasionally/recreationally. He felt that he could carry through more while utilizing it and that non-user were eldritch for non utilizing it. Harmonizing to him it was cheap, it helped him lose weight, and it was truly fun. “I felt originative, confident and productive.” ( Luke Williams )

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But after sometime this recreational drug became something he could non populate without. Luke so became an nut and began to see psychotic episodes and aggression. Because of crystal Methedrine he felt that everyone was out to acquire him and wanted to kill him. This is when he realized that he needed to halt. He went to a infirmary, but they offered him reasonably much no aid and were really unsympathetic. The topographic point where he used to populate kicked him out and happening a topographic point to remain became a hard undertaking. He lived with other crystal Methedrine nuts but they began to toss out on him, go forthing him with no pick, but to return place. His parents were really sort and took him in and helped him with his dependence. Learning to get by with the after effects of crystal Methedrine was difficult, but with the aid of his parents he is now populating a normal healthy life style. Although he no longer has that many friends he feels better, because now he doesn’t have bad influences around him. He realizes how dense he was for taking crystal Methedrine and encourages others to ne’er seek it ( Williams ) .

But where did this drug that destroys so many places and lives come from? This drug is a semisynthetic stimulation that has been around for a long clip. Crystal Methedrine was originally made by the authorities during World War II to assist soldiers remain awake. But after recognizing the after affects it had on the soldiers the authorities decided to censor it. Most of the crystal Methedrine in the United States comes from Mexican ace labs. Although people still do it here in the U.S. it’s normally inside their places. It’s really unsafe to do because of the chemicals involved which are really explosive. Crystal Methedrine comes in clear chunky crystals resembling ice and is most normally smoked.

You can place Crystal Meth nuts by certain characteristics/behaviors that they exhibit. One of the first things that you will get down to notice is that they do non care about their personal visual aspect or hygiene. They continually pick at their hair and tegument which doing themselves awful looking sores. And they get hickeies that are difficult to acquire rid of. They are besides more likely to steal to pay for their dependence. Angry effusions and temper swings are really common in crystal Methedrine nuts. Other affects it has on the organic structure is raising the organic structure temperature to an unnatural degree, so high that the user could go through out or even dices. They lose appetite and weight dramatically. Dilated students, rapid oculus motion, anxiety, confusion, insomnia, insecure sex, violent effusions, and jerking are some of the after effects of crystal Methedrine. Users can go paranoid and hear and see things that aren’t really at that place ( hallucinations ) . ( Ratini )

But why do people take this drug? What makes it so habit-forming? The powerful haste people get from utilizing crystal Methedrine makes a batch of people get aquiline right from the start. When it ‘s used, a chemical called Dopastat ( chemical in the encephalon that inundations parts of it that regulate feelings of pleasance ) . Users besides feel confident and energetic. A user can go addicted rapidly and shortly finds he will make anything to hold the haste once more. As he continues to utilize the drug, he builds up a tolerance. That means he needs higher doses to acquire the same high. The higher the dose of crystal Methedrine, the higher the hazards.

How make you acquire clean from such a powerful drug? How do you emancipate yourself from its Fe appreciation? Since most people who try crystal Methedrines are instantly addicted to it, it’s really hard to acquire clean from it. Actually it’s one of the hardest drug dependences to crush. Peoples who are addicted to crystal Methedrines normally can non crush the dependence on their ain and require professional aid. They either need a professional counsellor or drug intervention plan. For the first few hebdomads their organic structures will travel into backdown and they will merely be able to eat and kip because their head and organic structure are excessively tired to make anything else. They will experience anti-social and may hold violent effusions. During the whole backdown your organic structure is shouting for Methedrine. This is the hardest portion of acquiring clean. Then they go through a honeymoon stage where they feel ace confident. Most people have a backsliding during this minute because of how complete confident they are. Then comes more depression and ennui after this. Finally they move into the accommodation stage where they begin to set to society and life in general. Staying clean is a day-to-day pick so it’s an on-going recovery.

But how does this drug impact your religious life? Can you still have a close relationship with God while making Crystal Meth? No, you can’t… Of class the Bible ne’er straight negotiations about drugs but that’s because they were non around during those yearss. But it does speak about dependences. All of the apostolic exhortations to stay sober-minded and watchful are designed to remind us that we must be argus-eyed against the traps of the Devil who seeks to entrap us through misrepresentation. ( 1 Peter 5:8 ) ( 1 Corinthians 15:34 ; 1 Thessalonians 5:4-8 ; 2 Timothy 4:5 ; 1 Peter 1:13 ; 4:7 ; 5:8 ) All of these texts talk about being sober and how can you make that if you’re so high you don’t even cognize your name? Sobriety is besides of import for supplication ( 1 Peter 4:7 ) . As Christians, our organic structures are non our ain, we have been bought with a monetary value which is the blood of Christ ( 1 Peter 1:17-19 ) ( 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 ) . Having bought us with His ain life if we pollute or harm our organic structures we desecrate the House of God ( 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 ) . So I guess all this answers the inquiry if you can or can’t be high and still see yourself a devoted Christian.

In the beginning I mentioned that Luke began to utilize the drug because he was naive of its effects on the human organic structure and what crystal meth really was. After reading all of this information I feel like he would believe twice earlier seeking the drug. Peoples don’t normally think about the effects drugs have on your organic structure and ne’er halt to see the after effects. But if it is all written out for you and personal testimonies are added so it’s a batch easier to halt and be informed about the drug. This type of information would hold saved Luke from a batch of hurting, adversity, and danger. And all though he wasn’t a Christian, the texts from the Bible can be really helpful to Christian young person who are experimenting with different things. Many people are nescient and believe that merely seeking a drug one time will non impact them subsequently on and that they are merely traveling to make it one time recreationally. Unfortunately this is non the instance 99 % of the clip. Because crystal Methedrine is so strong people get addicted to it the first clip they try it and it is truly difficult to halt the dependence that is why Luke had such a difficult clip. To forestall things like this from go oning we need to talk out against drug maltreatment and inform people on what Crystal Methedrine and drugs in general do to your organic structure. We need to allow them cognize that they take control of your life and leave you worse than you of all time were before. And combating drug dependence is a womb-to-tomb thing because your organic structure will ever hunger the drug. Crystal meth ruins 100s of lives, households, relationships, and places each twelvemonth that is why we must talk out against it now. Luke didn’t have people in his life to inform him, but think about the people you know that are messing around with drugs ; have you taken the clip to inform them? Don’t allow them travel through all the things Luke went through.

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Crystal meth addiction case study

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