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CRS Software Paper

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An Offline version of the Application has also been developed to serve the estimation needs in Registration Areas with no net connectivity. Such an application will reside on a PC and has facility to export data pertaining to the events registered which can subsequently be uploaded to the main database for consolidation. The application supports robust user management and provides role base login access to Users authorized to key-in, upload and access relevant and authentic information related with the registration of births and deaths.

It is expected that the User should have some prior knowledge of working on the Computers, Internet browsing, communication through email etc. E f o r ell g gig n gig n to the CARS-BAD Application. This manual is intended for use of the registration functionaries, namely, the Registrar and Sub-Registrar. ORG confidential Page 4 of 65 2. 1. Logging in The Online CARS-BIRD Application presently resides on INC Server under the domain name censuring. Gob. In. The Application can be accessed from any net browser.

However, it is best viewed in Maxilla Firebox. To access the Application online, type: censuring. Gob. In in the address bar of the internet browser, and then select ‘Birth and Death Software’ on the Home Page. The following Login Page will appear: Fig 2. 1. 1 : CARS Login page To login as Registrar, perform the following steps: њ Enter the valid surname and password. C Type the CAPITA exactly as given in the picture. Click the Log in button given at the bottom. Home page will be displayed.

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Page 5 of 65 Users Guide C] The active items displayed in the Menu Bar on Home Page for User ‘Registrar’ are: Home, User Management, Birth, Death, Still Birth and Logout (The two inactive items, namely, ‘Master’ and ‘Reports’ on the Menu bar are available to higher level functionaries I. E. District Registrar, Chief Registrar and the Registrar General and have been discussed in another manual). Also please note the three panels (I) ‘Quick Launch’ (extreme left) (ii) ‘Registration Summary’ (extreme right) and ‘News Management’ (top middle) on the activity screen which are meant to carry out specific functions as indicated thereon.

The statistics revealed in the table under ‘Registration Summary’ depicts the number of births, deaths, still births and infant deaths registered in the Registration Area in reference on the current date or some specified date selected for the repose. A snapshot of the Home page as displayed, is shown below: Fig 2. 1. 2: Registrar Home page C]Dick the active menu links to view the sub-links and functionality they will allow to perform. Page 6 of 65 2. 2. User Management C]Dick the user Management link for the Sub links under it.

Functions which can be performed with this link are shown in the screen snapshot shown below: 1 . Create, update and delete users. 2. View the Registered user list. Page 7 of 65 2. 2. 1. User Registration To create a new user (sub-registrar) under the user ‘Registrar’, click on the User Registration link. Following screen will be displayed: Fig 2. 2. 1: User Registration C] Enter ‘User Name’ in the respective textbook. CLC Enter t h e User ‘ E-mail id’ in the textbook provided, the email id should be unique and in the proper email format. 0 Select Gender of the user.

CLC Select role of user under creation from the drown box of the item ‘Role’. Please note that in present case the only role available would be ‘sub- registrar, as the application has built in user wise permissions in it. Since the sub-registrar will also belong to the same Registration unit, further oiled till Registration unit will not be available for selection. C] Click on “Submit” button to save the user details. Page 8 of 65 2. 2. 2. Registered Users To view the user created, click the Registered Users link under User Management Link.

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