Crossing The Wire

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I will urge this book to my friends because it is full of exhilaration and tough challenges.


Description of Major Fictional characters

Crossing The Wire

Victor Flores- a 15 twelvemonth old male child life in cardinal Mexico full of doggedness and finding to traverse the Mexican – American boundary line to happen work in the united provinces to back up his household.

Rico- Victor’s best friend who must traverse the boundary line to back up his parents populating in cardinal Mexico.

Miguel- a wise immature male parent of four Victor met in his journey. Victor tags along with Miguel as they cross the boundary line until they run into boundary line patrol and acquire split up.

Julio- a street wise child who earns pocket money with Victor in a cramped boundary line town until he decides to travel on and traverse the boundary line through a drainage tunnel that ends up in the U. S. when it rains.


This book starts out in cardinal Mexico but when 15 twelvemonth old Victor Flores’ household needs money master has to traverse the boundary line to happen work in the provinces.

On Victor’s journey he meets a adult male named Miguel and together they try to traverse the boundary line into the provinces. On their journey the tally into the boundary line patrol and acquire split up.

Subsequently on master meets Julio and together they work on the streets seeking to set together their program to traverse the boundary line.

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One twenty-four hours it started raining and Julio knew that it was the perfect chance to drift through the drainage tunnel that ends on the other side of the boundary line. Victor decides non to travel.

A few hebdomads subsequently Victor notices an old friend standing in line at the soup kitchen. It was Rico! Victor couldn’t believe it he’d thought that Rico had already crossed the boundary line. So they spent a few yearss catching up and be aftering their journey across the boundary line. They set off a few yearss subsequently as mules with a few other people. During their trip as mules they heard that they were traveling to be killed at the terminal so they had to get away.

They made it all the manner to the main road and so they hitched a drive to Tucson where Rico’s brother lived. When they got to Rico’s brother’s house they went to the front door and peal the buzzer but they discovered that his brother had left. Now they didn’t cognize what to make. They decided to travel to La Perra Flaca to look for work in the onion Fieldss. There wasn’t any work left there so they were sent to Washington to work in asparagus Fieldss and eventually there was work.

About a month subsequently they got there first payroll checks and they sent them place alas. Rico wasn’t a really good field worker and he wanted to travel place and travel to school. So a few yearss subsequently he went place but Victor stayed for work.

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