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The Quote ” the truth is often unpopular” by Dalai Stevenson means that many people like to lie to the others, it is easier to lie because truth can hurt t he people. In case like tragic news people would like to lie because they do not w ant to hurt other people with this kind of news. Two works of literature that sup the quote are ” the cask of amontillado ” by Edgar Allan Poe and ” the tigers heart ” by Jim Glared.

The cask of amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe is about Two characters Montenegro and Fortunate, Montenegro wants to get his revenge because he had en insulted by Fortunate.

One example of lying in the story would be when Mentors smiles and talks nicely to Fortunate but inside he wants to get revenge. It is through the authors use of foreshadowing that Montenegro kills Fortunate in a damp vault. Mentors finds Fortunate weaknesses to use t hat against him. Mentors lies to Mentors to manipulate him.

Mentors us vine to make Fortunate more drunk, it foreshadows me that Montenegro wan TTS to kill him immediately so Fortunate would not know about his plans. This Novel supports the quote because it tells how characters lies to the other character until the day that he would get revenge.

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The tiger’s heart by Jim Glared is about person who lives in a dangerous village and the only person who has a gun in there and his name is Epee Garcia One example of lying in the story is when Epee kill the tiger with machete but does not want other people to know about it.

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Furthermore, by pulling out ma chute from tiger and shoot to wound to show that he killed a tiger with gun. It is thru cough the authors use of conflict that.

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