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Cristiano Ronaldo – Versatile Soccer Player Essay

Cristiano Ronaldo once said, “Your love makes me strong, and your hate makes me unstoppable.” This is one of the famous quotes from him.I agree with this quote, and this quote means that when his fans/haters love him he becomes strong and when they hate him, he becomes more powerful. Therefore, he is considered as one of the most versatile professional soccer players. Cristiano was born February 5th, 1985; he is Portuguese professional footballer who plays for the Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team.He is a forward and serves as captain for Portugal.In this essay, I will talk about Cristiano Ronaldo who is considered a versatile soccer player and about his career.

He is known as a professional soccer player.His teammate once said, “I remember the first time I went to Real Madrid’s training.I got there two hours earlier to impress my coaches, but when I reached, I saw Cristiano Ronaldo already training.”This quote shows that Cristiano works hard to be a great player.He trains extra for himself.He has been a Ballon d’Or winner three times in his career.He won this award because he helps his team win trophies and he scores many goals in European competitions.And that makes him one of the most versatile soccer players.He helped his team (Real Madrid) get the tenth cup Champions League (UCL) in 2014.He scored 17 goals at that time and he became a top goal scorer of all time.He also helped his former team (Manchester United) win UCL cup in 2008.He was man of the match, and that is the reason his team won in that competition.

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He is also one of the great role models.He is physically strong and in a very good shape and maybe that is the reason why he does commercials.For example, Nike has released a new pair of Cristiano Ronaldo boots-inspired by the volcanic island on which the Real Madrid superstar was born.This was his photo shoot with Nike sneakers.Another photo shoot …

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