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Crime Poetry — Violence

‘Peter Grimes’
Victims suffer blows and bruises which eventually end in their brutal death.

‘Porphyria’s Lover’
The criminal explains calmly that ‘he found a thing to do’, and swiftly murders victim.

‘My Last Duchess’
The criminal cannot stand the victim’s perceived promiscuity, so commissions their death.

‘The Laboratory’
The violence is vividly imagined in this poem, and the criminal relishes in the two victims’ slow and painful suffering.

‘The Ballad of Reading Gaol’
In this poem, the violence inflicted on the criminal is not given much air time — instead, the focus rests on the violence being done unto the criminals themselves.

Oscar Wilde
Name the poet whose text is a protest poem about the dehumanizing use of capital punishment in the 19th century.

Charles Thomas Woolridge
In TBORG, a criminal cuts the throat of his wife out of jealousy. Earlier that day, he put his a razor to his wife’s neck. What was the name of this criminal?

In this narrative poem, the criminal indirectly brings about the death of one of his family members. Ensure that you spell the title of this family member with a capital letter!

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