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When Jane Elliott debriefed her third graders at the end of the two day exercise, what comments did the children make concerning what they had learned from the exercise? The children were able to feel how it felt to be segregated against. One child said that he felt like he was a dog on a leash. The children learned to not Judge people by their color. (a)What feelings did they express as third graders when they were in the circle during the debriefing? Those that that their eye color group was on the bottom felt stupid and worthless, while those who eye color group was at the top felt Like kings ND Like they were above everyone else.

. Notice the unexpected academic results Jane Elliott obtained as a result of this exercise. (a) During the flash card exercise what happened to the performance grades of children when their eye color group was on the top? The children had a significant higher grade performances when their eye color group was on the top.

(b) What happened to the children’s performance grades of children when their eye color group was on the bottom? The children’s performance grades were significantly rower when their eye color group was on the bottom.

One child mention that he was thinking about being brown eye, and felt stupid during the flashcards. (c) What happened to all the children’s grades after the two day exercise was complete? After the two day exercise was complete, the children’s grade maintain a higher level for the rest of the year.

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(d) Why did MISS Elliot believed this (c) happened? What did she say? MISS Elliot believe that after the two day exercise the children are finding out how great they are and are responding to what they know. As adults won teenage ten reunion Ana reenacted Deck upon tenet canola experience, what comments did the adults make in their debriefing circle during their conversation with Jane Elliott? During the debriefing, an adult mention that she hated that Jane Elliott put them through the exercise when she was young. Another adult said that it was hard having a person be your friend one day and then your enemy the other. (a)What did they express as the benefits of this exercise?

Benefits the adults gained from the exercise is that they were able to understand coordination and were able to stop themselves for discriminating against others. (b) How did it make them better people? Explain. The adult were able to put themselves in others shoes when it came to discrimination. They were also able to spread their knowledge on discrimination to their children. Explaining to them, to not Judge a person by their skin color. 4. Which particular children attracted your interest in the video? Why? Explain. The boy who punch his classmate in the stomach because he was called brown eyed really caught my attention.

The children have been friends and classmates but when an authority figure segregated them, they had so much hatred against each other. 5. Discuss your overall reaction to “A Class Divided. ” Explain. I really enjoyed “A Class Divided”. I thought it was a have interesting documentary. Jane Elliot is a brilliant teacher, who Just doesn’t care about educating her student but molding them into good people. I think that every student should go through the two day exercise. I believe with students will understand how it feels to be discriminated against.

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