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Creep Test Lab Report Paper

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Support the beam by raising the support screw (l) until it slightly lifts the beam 3. Close the doors of the test area and switch on the main power 4. Adjust the temperature to a desired value by using the temperature controller S. Switch on the heater (E), 6. Wait for the temperature inside the test area to achieve steady-state. 7. Then, lower the support screw until it no longer supports the beam. 8, Adjust the dial gauge (F) so that it gives a zero reading. 9.

Attach the weight hanger (H) and sired amount of weights at the end of the beam. I C, Set the timer (B) to one minute, and switch on the timer 11. Once one minute has elapsed (the alarm should trigger), record the dial gauge reading. 12. Repeat steps 10 and II for additional readings. 13. Once the experiment is over, switch Off heater, timer and main power _ 14. Tabulate the results, and plot the graph of strain vs.. Time. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS I _ Always wear gloves when attempting to retrieve a hot specimen to avoid injury.

If possible, allow the specimen to cool down for at least 10 minutes before removing it from the oven. 2. DO not set the temperature to exceed CZ, as this may cause damage to electrical components and sensors in the unit.

Creep Test Lab Report Pdf

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Creep Test Lab Report

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