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Creative Writing Paper

Creative writing: people can see the same power/powerlessness differently. Compose a narrative showing aspects of power/powerlessness. The fog was lifting, rising off the glossy pristine surface of the motionless lake. There was an eerie aura about the place, bordering on spooky. Something in amongst the shroud of fog moved. Then there came a brilliant ripple that slid over the glassy surface of the lake, assaulting the crystal like state of the surface as it went along. The groups of ripples were amazing, they were perfectly circular.

They left behind a broken plastered surface. As the fog continued to lift, it revealed the source of the ripples, a frog. The frog had jumped into the lake and was propelling itself towards the other side. Another burst of ripples shot out from where the frog was. As the frog reached the other side, it slowed down. Just then when the frog was about to leap from the lake onto the shore, a large dragon like figure thrust its head from the dark body of water, and consumed the frog, whole. Alex couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. “Could it be? ” he asked himself.

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Could this be the legendary water dragon that people had talked about, the urban myth that mothers told their children about during bedtime stories? The next day when Alex strolled through the main street of his town, Springton he approached the Sheriff’s office. As he swung the door open he thought to himself “what am I going to say? Will the sheriff even believe me? ” he didn’t care; he knew it was his duty to report what he had seen the previous night. He nervously walked to the sheriff’s desk. “What is it now Alex? ” demanded the sheriff in an angry impatient tone. I thought you might want to know what I saw last night” replied Alex, he continued “I saw a large dragon like creature swallow a helpless little frog on the lake last night” “So, what do I care? ” asked the sheriff “Well, I think it was that water dragon, you know the one that people say is an urban myth” “Garbage, stop wasting my time, and get out of my office, I am a very busy man, and I don’t have time for pranksters like you. ” The sheriff now began to sound very agitated and annoyed with Alex “But I-” “I said get out of my office” interrupted the sheriff Alex could do nothing but leave, feeling completely dejected.

He knew that what he saw last night was the infamous water dragon, the one that his mother had told him about when he was a boy. He remembered his mother told him that it was dark green in colour, and had lived in the lake for centuries. He also realised that no-one would believe him, unless he had undeniable evidence. Therefore he would have to go back to the lake that night, armed with a camera and a flashlight. Later that evening as the sun was descending below the horizon, and the sky was morphing to a peaceful light colour, Alex packed his camera and flashlight into his shoulder bag, and left his house, for the lake.

As Alex pulled up on the side of the road, short of the lake, he turned his car off, and immediately the headlights flickered out, and then total darkness. He silently crept out of his car, and reached for his flashlight. As he flicked his flashlight on, the immediate vicinity was illuminated with a bright white light. He walked around a few trees, and bushes watching where he walked. He saw the glistening surface of the lake shimmering beneath the radiant luminosity of the overhead moon. There was no cloud cover; Alex could see the entire lake. He positioned himself near the edge of the lake, on a mound of earth.

He thought this would give him the best opportunity to capture a photo of the monster, if it chose to come out of hiding. After about an hour or so, Alex was feeling rather lethargic. He fought the urge to fall asleep. He sat up and concentrated his eyes on the lake, and continually scanned it for any sign of movement. A large white swan glided down towards the lake from overhead, and landed on the lake, rupturing its purity, sending a wave of wrinkles across the lakes surface. Alex noticed this and hoped that the monster would come out now. A minute passed, and nothing happened.

Alex began to lose hope that the monster would come. As the swan began to gracefully glide along the lake, there was a surge of movement beneath the lake which caused Alex to transfer his attention towards it. He pulled out his camera and trained the lens of the camera towards this disruption in the lake. Without any hesitation, Alex began frantically slamming the shutter release button on the camera. The ‘thing’ that was causing all the movement began picking up speed, and was now charging towards the swan. The swan noticed this ‘thing’ and leapt off the lake at full flight and sailed through the air over a few trees.

Alex couldn’t believe what he saw. Finally he had proof that the ‘water dragon’ existed, surely the sheriff would believe him now that he had photographical evidence. Early the next morning he casually strolled into the sheriff’s office proudly grasping the freshly developed images from the previous night. He approached the sheriff’s desk and slid them over towards the sheriff. The sheriff picked them up, examined them, and then threw them back at Alex. “What are these? ” he demanded “Photos I took last night, showing the water dragon in the lake” replied Alex.

The sheriff laughed loudly at Alex. “you expect me to believe this, you just took photos of a large fish in the lake that’s all. ” Stated the sheriff Alex couldn’t believe that the sheriff wasn’t believing his evidence. Alex snatched his photos and stormed out of the sheriff’s office. Alex knew that the sheriff always went to the lake over the weekend, to go fishing. Alex knew then that the sheriff would find out the hard way, that Alex was telling the truth. The weekend finally came, it brought with it a bright warm sunny day, perfect for fishing thought Alex.

He walked out to his car, and started it up. As he was driving to the lake he wondered if the sheriff would have arrived there already. He hoped so. Alex climbed out of his car, to see the sheriff perched on the edge of the lake, holding his fishing rod in his right hand, and his coffee mug in his left hand. Alex could see the sheriff wasn’t even paying attention to his fishing rod or the lake at all, he was too busy drinking his coffee, and reading the weekend edition of the local newspaper, which was lying on the ground next to the sheriff.

As Alex was walking towards the sheriff, his attention was captured by something out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head to see a shadow in the lake silently approach the sheriff and his fishing rod. Although the shadow was silent, it left behind a wave of ripples, fanning out towards the shore. Alex just stood there in awestruck. The shadow reached the end of where the sheriff’s rod entered the water. It violently tugged at the sheriff’s rod. The sheriff felt the tug, and dropped his mug, he stood up immediately and began yanking his rod backwards, whilst reeling the line in.

The sheriff was being pulled towards the lake. Alex went over to help the sheriff, just as the sheriff’s fishing line snapped. The shadow in the water thrashed around sadistically, then snapped its jaw around the sheriff’s foot, and began dragging him in. Alex jumped back, and could do nothing but watch in terror as the shadow dragged the sheriff down into the deep abyss. Alex just stood there and muttered under his breath “I told you so” in a sarcastic tone, as the sheriff disappeared into the lake.

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