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Creative history Essay

Exceptional Works: Herodotus and Homer
Telling history through authors such as Homer and Herodotus allows them to tell the stories of the ancient time with fictional excitement for the reader's enjoyment. Herodotus is also known as the "Father of History". Herodotus told stories of the Persian wars. These stories give information to help understand the cultural and political concepts that occurred during the Classical Age of Greece. He did this through his book The Histories which was about the Peloponnesian Wars which was between the smaller Greek city of the west and their counterpart from the east. Homer's Odyssey tells of a character named Odysseus who's trying to return home and has different obstacles to go through. Odysseus survived all that happened to him. In both stories, the importance of the gods in Greek tradition is shown from the interaction between humans and gods.
In book nine of the Odyssey, Odysseus and his men travel to the land of the Cyclops, where they meet Polyphemus, Cyclops and the son of Poseidon, god of the sea. Odysseus and his men meet Polyphemus. It started as a peaceful greeting, but ended with Polyphemus killing two of Odysseus men and the rest of them are detained. They are blocked in a cave by a giant boulder in which only Polyphemus is able to move it. Homer is displaying the power that the gods had in everyday life in this situation.He knows only Polyphemus is able to move the boulder, so he does not instantly challenge him by sword. Odysseus found a huge portion of an olive tree and they sharpened it in the fire. Odysseus and four other men agreed to use the weapon. When Cyclops came back, Odysseus offered him the wineskin and he drank it all. Once he is drunk, Odysseus said to him: “Kyklops, you ask my honorable name? Remember the gift you promised me, and I shall tell you. My name is Nohbdy: mother father and friends, everyone calls me Nohbdy." (Book 9, lines …

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