Courage In The Kite Runner

The following sample essay on Courage In The Kite Runner. Rosa Parks was a woman who impacted many lives when she bravely stood up for not only herself but others around her as well. When Rosa Parks stood up to the white man on the bus, she was arrested but in the process was able to change the lives of numerous people. Rosa Parks did the unthinkable by bravely opposing the white man even though she knew that it could ruin her life.

Rosa Parks is a great example of courage because she has the audacity to defend herself and stand up for her race even when it led to self-harm. Similarly, Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner introduces many characters, few in which present courage by risking themselves to help others.

For instance, Hassan shows boldness when throws himself at Assef to protect Amir, when he does not give up the kite to Assef, and when he lies to Baba in order to protect Amir.

Another character who demonstrates courage is Amir himself, who although was not the bravest individual in his childhood, redeems himself by travelling around the world to aide his father’s friend, fight Talibans, and stand up for Sohrab. Finally, Baba spends his life trying to do good in the world whether it be assisting helpless people or building an orphanage, Baba will never stop trying to improve the lives of others as he does not care what others think of him, as long as he believes it will help people.

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In all these ways, courage is shown because these characters risk their own safety for themselves and others.

Particularly, Hassan displays courage by fighting to stand up for others multiple times. The first example is when Assef is about to hurt Amir with his brass knuckles but is stopped by Hassan’s slingshot. Although “he was scared scared plenty”  Assef tells Hassan to put it down because there are “three of [them]” (42) against Amir and Hassan, Hassan pushes on boldly notifying Assef that “[he is] the one holding the slingshot” . Not only does Hassan demon…

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Courage In The Kite Runner
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