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Let me present Bandara. Bandara has been working as the figure two in a medium sized organisation for 10 old ages. It has ever been intimated that when Jeremy his foreman retires or leaves. Bandara will steal into the figure one place and take the organisation. Barry has ever had some clear thoughts on how he is traveling to take the organisation frontward when Jeremy is non at that place ; thoughts that have non been taken up in the yesteryear.

Life being perverse. it had been decided to publicize the occupation externally and think what? A better campaigner came up who has now been in station for three hebdomads. Bandera’s new foreman is a great cat. really friendly and supportive. . . but. he is non Barry. Barry has been to a counselor for few Sessionss.

Today is a new session.

Counselor: “Well Bandara. your new adult male is now steadfastly in place. so how does that go forth you? “

Bandara: “Adrift. de-energized. de-motivated. thwarted. un-trusted. rejected. passed over. Department of energies that amount it up? “

How To Write A Counselling Case Study Essay

Well what an spring of emotion. This cat is in existent problem.

Counselor: “Can I add another one – rejected? ” Bandara: “Of class that says it all. But I am clearly non as good at this occupation as I thought I was and that makes me experience insecure and uncomfortable.

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They have chosen this new cat over me – after all I have done here it does non look just. In fact. life does non experience just at all. ” How is this for a good guidance challenge? Which one of those cardinal words above should our counselor choice on first? Which of these is acquiring to Bandara most? What. if our counselor mines profoundly plenty will assist Bandara choice himself up and get down recovering his customary enthusiasm? Counsellor must non be judgmental here. so he will inquire Bandara.

Counselor: “Bandara. you have used a batch of what could be described as emotional words here. can you pick out one that truly stands out? If you look inside yourself. what experiencing are you seeing. feeling or hearing? “

Bandara: “Phew that is non easy. My head is traveling unit of ammunition and unit of ammunition with all these feelings. What did I do incorrect. I ask myself invariably? “

Counselor: “So what did you make wrong? “

Bandara: “I took it for granted that I would acquire the occupation ; that I was the best adult male for it ; that I knew so much about the organisation that I was indispensable ; that I had such great thoughts that I was the obvious individual for the occupation. “

Counselor: “Bandara. did anybody else in the organisation cognize anything about these thoughts of yours? Have you discussed them in the yesteryear? ” Bandara: “Well. no. They were ever at odds with the cardinal way that we were traveling so did non raise them. “

Counselor: “Despite the fact that you had non discussed this openly. make you non believe that over a period of 10 old ages. person would hold got an intimation of your positions? “

The counselor is delving and delving here. non allowing travel and is on the point of acquiring Barry to understand for himself some of the grounds why he may non hold been picked for the occupation.

Bandara: “Ummm. ne’er thought like that. I a amusing kind of manner. believing about it now. I have ever been at odds with the civilization here. despite that fact that I have been praised and rewarded for my attempts many times. Thinking about it that there has ever been struggle in my sub-conscious and I had non realized it until now. The inquiry is. . . what. . . how. . . good. oh beloved I have got some really hard deciding to make. “

Counsellor – let the silence do the heavy lifting once more.

Bandara: “It makes sense that person here would hold had inkling about my ideas – ten old ages is long plenty for people to make that. Oh beloved. I may hold shot myself in the pes here and been my ain worst enemy. Wow. what a atrocious realisation. “

The counselor has done a great occupation here. A few inquiries have got Barry to look at and inside himself and he has come up with his ain ego diagnosing. Bandara has besides moved from his “old brain” into the analytical portion of his encephalon therefore taking the emotion for him. The manager quandary here is that holding enabled Bandara to take himself apart metaphorically. it is necessary to let him to acquire himself back together before the terminal of the session.

Counselor: “Bandara. if I were in your place. what would you rede me to make? “

Well done once more counselor. Geting an nonsubjective position on this.

Bandara: “Well that is simple. Think through the thoughts you have ever had. polish them and acquire them out of your caput and onto paper ( or a Word papers ) . Not excessively long. Make non pass excessively much clip on it and maintain it really brief – an overview. Arrange to see the new figure one. sooner off site at a impersonal locale. and state him that you have ever had these thoughts but ne’er shared so and you would now wish to portion them and if anything was that good. possibly the organisation can follow them.

You will either acquire an credence. in which instance you will accomplish what you have ever wanted or you will hold a argument as to what can or can non be adopted and you will hold at least cleared the air for yourself. ” Counselor: “So Bandara what are you traveling to make? “

Bandara: “Crafty – you have got me to decide my ain quandary. Clearly. I shall take my ain advice and make merely what I have recommended.

Thankss sir. I have gone from tragic to magic as Walt Disney would state and it’s all down to you. Thankss. “

Not cunning. merely a great guidance session. The counselor was faced with what appeared to be a slightly intractable job which was solved by some first-class inquiries and techniques.

Would you hold handled this in the same manner. or is there a better manner?

Instruction manuals to pupils

1 Read the instance separately at least twice

2 Try to reply the undermentioned inquiries

a ) What is Reding?

B ) What are the accomplishments required for a counselor

degree Celsius ) What are the phases of a Counselling Session?

vitamin D ) What are the differences between directing guidance and non directive Guidance

vitamin E ) What are the lessons from this instance for a new counselor?

3 Discuss your findings with the bomber group members. Be prepared to do an unwritten presentation on your findings

4 Write the assignment and submit same before the due day of the month. It is advisable to attach a transcript of this papers to your assignment

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