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Could it Happen to Us Essay

Of those not killed, Holocaust victims that could work were only given moldy bread to eat and dirty water to drink, if they were given anything at all.Some would have to drink their urine to keep from getting dehydrated.They also ate their own feces.These millions of victims were not bad people nor had they done anything wrong but they represented something that someone else hated. We did it to the Indians and to the black people.Still we ask, how could anyone do this and why?I have come up with three factors that must exist: hatred, false justification, and accepting the evil.
First, there must exist a hatred for an idea or a people.Unfortunately, there is no place in the world that this does not exist. Prejudice is a worldwide disease.Like most diseases it spreads. Adolph Hitler hated the Jewish people.He hated them so much that it became his campaign or rather his mission in life to eradicate each and every one.Hatred stems from what I think is fear of what is different. Adolph saw that the Jews were learned people that were making accomplishments in the arts, sciences and other areas.He felt that it they were a threat to the German people,he feared their success.
Then, there has to be a justification for the hatred.Hitler sold the Germans on purifying their race, to make it a master race.This idea is not a new one.Even today, the idea of having one race to be superior to all is often in the preachings of most prejudicial groups.This group includes the skinheads, neo-nazis, KKK, Latino groups, and any group that thinks they are superior.Everyone wants to be number one.This is the idea that he sold to the German people that were already suffering from the causes of a previous war.
Finally, you have to accept the idea of evil.After the Germans bought into the idea of superiority and reunifying their country, they had to find a way to look beyond morality.

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