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Cosmetic Surgery

Did you know that the number of parents giving their eighteen year old graduate girls breast implants has recently tripled? One out of fifty- seven thousand cases of cosmetic surgeries end in death. Those deaths are either due to blood clots, anesthesia complications, seizures, heart attacks, or high fever.

Despite the risks, Cosmetic Surgery is on the rise among men and women.

Cosmetic Surgery was once viewed as a taboo subject. Mainly it was only the wealthy that could afford the surgery and it was not discussed or announced they had any work done. Today, Cosmetic Surgery has become one of the most popular trends in America. Surgery has also become more affordable for everyone. There is no question that celebrities have also played a huge role in the trend.

  Whether you are watching television or reading a magazine, you are very likely to hear or read something about Cosmetic Surgery. The past few years, there have been several shows about the subject such as “Extreme Makeover”, and “Dr. 90210”. MTV has also started targeting young adults with shows such as “I Want a Famous Face”. Such shows have contributed too much of the popularity, increasing the number of surgeries performed.

Surgery Essay

Cosmetic Surgery first began in the eighth century by physicians in ancient India. They were using skin grafts for reconstructive surgery.

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It was also common for them to perform rhinoplasty, due to barbaric rituals of cutting off noses and upper lips of one’s enemies. (Wikipedia, 2008). The United States first plastic surgeon was Dr. John Peter Mettauer born in Virginia in 1787. He performed the first cleft palate operation with tools he had designed himself. Dr. Mettauer studied medicine in Philadelphia. He also founded a private medical school, which became the first medical department. (American Society of Plastic Surgeons)

During World War II, the severities of the soldier’s injuries gave surgeons the chance to practice their skill. Some of the injuries were shattered jaws, blown off noses and severe head wounds. Soon after, some surgeons were sent to Third World countries to teach other physicians the techniques to help give their citizens a better way of life.

In the 1940’s, the American Society of Plastic Surgery was born. This organization was designed to give memberships to surgeons specializing in the Cosmetic Surgery field. To become a member, the surgeons had to pass an exam in order to qualify and earn the right to call themselves Plastic Surgeons. Currently, in order to become a member, a surgeon must earn a Board Certification by earning a degree from an accredited medical school, complete three years of surgical surgery, three years of supervised residency in plastic surgery, have at least two years of professional practice and must pass a written and oral exam. (Becoming Board Certified,

Modern technology has made it easier to find a Board Certified Surgeon. The internet is a great source in finding a surgeon that fits your needs and criteria. A good rule of thumb when researching a surgeon is to find one that specializes in your type of surgery. It is also a good idea to make sure the anesthesiologist is also certified. (American Board of Anesthesiology, Recently, a famous rapper lost his mother due to complications after liposuction. The surgeon who performed the operation was not Board Certified. It is up to the patient to do their research when locating a surgeon.

There are many reasons why people seek Cosmetic Surgery. Most of the time vanity contributes an important part. “ A misconception some patients have is that a surgeon can make a specific feature to the exact specifications of the patient.” (McCurdy, 1981) Surgeons use a screening process to ensure the potential patient’s motive is valid and realistic. The cosmetic defect must be obvious to the surgeon. Not all patients are accepted for surgery. Those with potential psychological problems will be recommended an evaluation with a psychologist before the surgeon will accept the patient. People that are physically unhealthy, such as having diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol or malnourished are considered high risk and are not considered good candidates. Also, being overweight puts added stress on your heart during the operation.  A person that smokes and wants to have surgery must quit and be smoke free for two weeks before and after surgery. This is so that the patient can heal properly. Smokers also have a greater chance of having infections and anesthesia complications. It is advised to talk openly with your surgeon about any health conditions or concerns a patient has so that they can better explain the risks and complications that can occur.

There are many options when it comes to types of surgical cosmetic procedures a person can have performed. Body Contouring, Breast Surgery and Facial Surgery are to name a few. There are also non surgical cosmetic procedures that are very popular such as Botox, Laser Hair removal and Laser Skin Resurfacing. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Surgeries performed in 2007, were mainly women with a ninety one percentile. Men had the other nine percent. The top surgical procedure performed on women was breast augmentation, coming in a close second was liposuction. The top non surgical procedure was Botox.

For men, the top surgical procedure was liposuction with eye lid surgery being second. Their top choice for non surgical procedures was Botox with Laser Hair removal second. (Plastic Surgery Research, The combined, surgical and non surgical procedures performed in 2007, for men and women in the United States were nearly 11.7 million people. American Society for Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery has reported an eight percent increase in surgeries performed since January 2000(American Society of Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery, Statistically, there were 347, 524 Breast Surgeries and 301, 882 liposuction procedures performed in The United States in 2007.







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