Starbucks Primary Stakeholders

Case Content/Instructions 1. Introduce the organization/company, the case, and provide a brief history of the organization. 2. Provide a clear, concise statement of the problem(s)/issues(s). 3. Identify primary and secondary internal and external stakeholders affected, describe their stakes in the issue, analyze the situation for effect on these stakeholders, and describe the issues and impact from the stakeholders’ views. 4. Summarize the primary and secondary ethical issues(s) involved. . Describe the organization’s strategy in dealing with this issue(s), critique the strategy/actions taken, using facts from the course to defend your critique, and briefly state the outcomes the organization actually experienced …stock price, credibility, market share, management changes, residual stakeholder backlash, unresolved problems, etc.

6. State your conclusions and recommendations for other/more effective actions the company could have taken to produce better stakeholder outcomes.

Essay Example on Starbucks Stakeholders Analysis

Support your argument with course facts/data/decision models/outside sources. 7. Each partner will write a one page summary of the case.

8. Prepare a presentation, 10 – 15 minutes (audience discussion after presentation). 2. (Include this with Starbucks having difficulties) Starbucks primary stakeholders are their employees, customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, coffee farmers, local communities, and other business partners. Secondary stakeholders are media outlets, government, nviromentalist groups, and their competitors. . 5. Starbucks is using Corporate Social Responsibilty actions to tackle a lot of the issues they face. Starbucks defines CSR as conducting business in ways that produce social, environmental and economic benefits for the communities in which they operate and for the company’s stakeholders and shareholders.

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They have created internal structures to ensure that any emerging issues are recognized, prioritized, and addressed in a consistent way throughout the company.

In response to the over consumption of water, they are in the process of installing buttons that will turn on the faucet instantly and momentarily. This will save approximatley 150 gallons of water per day in each store. Starbucks has also been named as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere Magazine. This is based off of their corporate citizenship and responsibility, corporate governance, innovation that contributes to public well being, leadership, and internal systems ethics/compliance program.

Starbucks has also gave back to the communities they do business in and around the world. The last CSR report that was published in 2007, shows they gave approximatley 18. 01 million in philanthropic contributions. 2. Starbucks has been hit by the weakened economy as consumers are trying to cut back on their spending. It is much harder to draw in customers today that are willing to pay around $3 for a cup of coffee than before when the economy was booming. Fast food chains like McDonald’s are capitlizing on Starbuck’s “expensive” reputation by offering coffee products at a lesser cost. . In response to this, Starbucks is using a business-level strategic manaemetn strategy in order to compete back. They have introduced a new instant coffee called Starbucks Via, which is less than $1 a cup. This has expanded into many new markets, including airlines. They have expanded their menu in order to compete as well. You will now see “value meals” in their bistros. You can also order breakfast sandwiches, lunch items, and a wider selection of pastry items. 3.

Starbucks primary stakeholders are their employees, customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, coffee farmers, local communities, and other business partners. Secondary stakeholders are media outlets, government, enviromentalist groups, and their competitors. Sources http://business. timesonline. co. uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/leisure/article5240824. ece http://abcnews. go. com/International/SmartHome/story? id=5964908&page=1 http://www. starbucks. com/aboutus/csrreport/Starbucks_CSR_FY2007. pdf http://cachef. ft. com/cms/s/2/aa9831ce-c266-11dd-a350-000077b07658. html

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