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“Coraline” Review Paper

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Essay on “Coraline”

“- What does she want from me? – Coraline asked the cat. – Why it is doing everything to keep me here? – I think she needs someone to love – the cat replied. – Someone who does not belong. Or maybe she wants to eat you. With such creatures never do not know anything for sure. »

I read. I admit, the hair on my head is moved and not the wind. Once again convinced that it is not necessary for me to read such literature, albeit in a lightweight version of it

I am ashamed to admit that I was not as brave as Coraline. (Or Coraline – depending on the translation). The main features are its curiosity, courage and prudence. And yet …. Some in the unfinished betrays something there …

When I read something terribly worried about the girl. “Well, why is it there, what for?” Scolded her insatiable curiosity … The plot is interesting, but at the same time I can safely put aside “book” to the side and do anything else.

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It is fair to say that nothing that happens in the book . All horror “one-stage” and bystroprohodyaschi).

One thing I can say. Though the book and was published in the form of children, but children up to 12 years to give its not worth it, especially if the child has a very wild imagination. Better to look the same, but in a cartoon version. But this is my opinion.

And in general, it seems, “adult” are not defined yet with nishoy for this book. Where to put it. She went out in the children’s edition, and in the “alternative.” I think it is still the opposite side of literature. Maybe I’m wrong again?

If we talk about some kind of artistic content, the book is simple and not too burdened with a hidden meaning (or maybe I did not notice it). But here’s the lost time ispytyvayum pity I did not – because the book is so small !! 9m shrifrom received a total of 25 pages)))

If you believe the advertising, the “Coraline” (Coraline) was written by Neil Gaiman for his daughter to read at night. Well, I can only say one thing – it is a stern parent =)) Although, maybe he’s right. He no longer knows their child. He knows how to influence it. It’s very individual. One possible way to inspire children to not be afraid, while others are contraindicated. . Everyone is different

Let us see that the author himself says:.

“Over ten years ago I started to write a children’s book It was meant for my daughter, Holly, who was five years old I am. wanted its main character was a girl, and I wanted the book to be a reassuring terrible I started to write a story about a girl named Coraline I think history will short -.. just five pages or ten pages But the story itself were different. plans … This story, as I learned from readers, children perceive as a great adventure, but an adult from it in night nightmares. It is a strange book that I wrote, writing it took me a very long time, and this book, which I am most proud of. A terrible book for strange little girls of any age and sex … And the name of Coraline I say how Cora -line – was to rhyme with horror-wine [horror vine “wine terror”] … “

to be honest – no benefit for themselves from the book I could not bear. Unless – as in the fable – the moral of the story is, look in the face of their own fears and stepping on the throat of them)))

“Coraline” Review

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