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Coordination Lab Report Paper

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The elution was heated on a hot plate to 90 degrees Celsius. A sample of potassium oxalate moderate (10. Jag was dissolved in water (50. Ml). The heated copper sulfate solution was added to the potassium oxalate solution and rapidly stirred, A blue substance formed in the mixture. The mixture was cooled in an ice bath for 20 minutes. The blue crystals were collected by vacuum filtration and were washed once with cold water (ml), once with 95% ethanol (ml), and once with acetone (1 Ml). The crystals were allowed to dry before weighing the product. Part II: Absorption Spectrum A sample of the complex (0. G) was weighed out and dissolved in denizens water (9,Ml). Some of the solution was removed and more denizens water (1. Ml) was added to the solution. A covets was tilled with denizens water and another with the solution. Each covets was filled to the same level, The transmittance of the solution was found at Mann and then consecutively recorded at intervals of inurn Absorbency was calculated from percent transmittance and then plotted on a graph as a function of wavelength. Part Ill: Analysis of the Complex A burette was filled with a potassium permanganate solution (0. MOMMA).

Two ample Of the complex were weighed out (C. Gag and O_Isis). A solution Of sulfuric acid (MOM) was added to each sample of complex (12. Ml and 12. Ml respectively). The solution Of complex and sulfuric acid was heated on a hot plate to 90 degrees Celsius. The potassium permanganate was slowly added. Two iterations were done one with each mass of complex. The meniscus of the permanganate was difficult to read because of the deep, purple color. The volume was measured from the top of the solution. A faint red appeared as the permanganate was titrated in the light blue solution of complex and sulfuric acid.

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The complex solution became clear at the end of the titration. The average volume of the of the titrated permanganate solution (15,ml) was used to find the concentration of oxalate and then percent purity. Observations and Data Data Tale I-preparation of the Complex I Material I copper sulfate (hydrate) Mausoleum 6. Gas shape Atwater Appearance I solid, blue crystal 111. Ml I potassium oxalate moderate 110. Gag I SO. Mol mall mall alternates liquid transparent liquid blue powdery substance I Water I cold denizens water 195% ethanol I Acetone Complex Data Table 2-Absorption Spectrum Platteville (NM) 112. L MOMMA 127. Ml 142. Ml 15. Mm’ | 400 I Complex I SHIH’S HASPS I Skinny 115. ml 1425 10. Gag 11. MM 112. Ml Km-initial I Kinematical I I Km-total 112. Ml IS. Mol Conclusions and Questions The maximum absorption of was found, The absorption curve avgas valid. The objective was met. The absorptions of each complex were compared . The complex absorbed the most light at wavelengths of 625-Mann. The complex reflected light with wavelengths of 450-signs_ The color Of the substance was blue Which correlates With the absorption curve. I)The limiting reagent was the copper sulfate penetrated (. Momma). 2)

The percentage yield of the product was 103%. The error resulted from water that was not completely filtrated from the complex before weighing in Part I. 3) The absorption maximum was Mann. The wavelengths with the highest absorption were red, orange, and some violet. The lowest absorptions on the curve, the colors that were reflected, were at the wavelengths of blue, green, and yellow. The color of the complex was blue. 4) The complex was dark blue and the maximum absorption was at Mann, This complex reflected orange. 5)The percent purity of the compound was 87. 2%. The percent purity could be higher due to experimental errors,

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