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Conventional Elements of Literature Essay Paper

Literature has elements by which we can analyse the piece ( book. verse form. drama. etc. ) written. These elements are ; secret plan. character. puting. subject. construction. point of position. struggle. enunciation. prefiguration and symbolism ( Scholes. 1991 ) Three of them will be explained here further. The secret plan of the literature is the manner the narrative goes. the line of the narrative. the manner it starts. develops and terminals. Basically. the secret plan tells us what happens in the narrative.

The secret plan can dwell of an expounding ( puting and characters ) . struggle ( complications that might originate ) . flood tide ( minute of crisis or the most of import portion of a narrative ) and a denouement ( the declaration. the unraveling ) . Analyzing the secret plan and secret plan alterations tell us the whole narrative and explicate the narrative. Fictional characters make the narrative ; they are the personalities of the narrative. Fictional characters can be conventional ( e. g. human existences. populating on Earth ) . scientific discipline fictional existences ( e. g. foreigners ) or antic extra-ordinary existences ( e. g.

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ace hero’s or trolls ) . All these characters can either be fictional ( made up ) or existent. The characters can besides be human. supernatural. fabulous. animate being or Godhead. Then there is besides the ‘depth’ of the character to be considered ; characters can be round ( developed and complex ) . level ( no complexness ) or stereotyped. They can besides be dynamic ( alterations ) or inactive ( they don’t alteration ) . Analysis of literature from the characters is an in depth analysis of the whole piece. the characters are one of the most of import elements in all literature.

Enunciation. the usage of linguistic communication. is another of import component in literature. The duologues reflect the characters. convey interior ideas and give significance to actions. Analysis of the linguistic communication and the duologues can give the reader a great penetration in the characters and the significance of the literary piece. A piece of literature can non be analyzed with the usage of merely one component. To understand literature. you have to analyse at least the secret plan and the characters to be able to give any significance to a piece.

But shortly. there will be other inquiries as ‘theme’ . ‘points of view’ and ‘symbolism’ . All these combined will give you an analysis of literature. The chief inquiry any analyst has to inquire the piece is ‘why’ . This will assist the analysis and give penetration in all the elements.


Scholes. R. ( Ed. ) . Klaus. C. H. ( Ed. ) . Comley. N. R. ( Ed. ) & A ; Silverman. M. ( Ed. ) . ( 1991 ) . Elementss of Literature: Essay. Fiction. Poetry. Drama. Film. New York: Oxford University Press. Inc.

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