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Hence, because of all this, safeguarding consumer interests is a very important process for the government. Owing to all these, consumer’s consideration and protection has been taken care of since ancient times. During recent times, or contemporary times in India, the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 is one of the most important things to have happened as it introduced a quasi-Judicial consumer dispute redressed mechanism for the first time which consists of Central Consumer Councils, State Consumer Council and District Consumer Council.

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Now in this research paper the researchers are going to deal with these consumer councils and how they deal with furthering and safeguarding the consumer interests in India. For this reason, various cases which the Councils have discussed has been put into this research paper to UT forth how the consumer interests are being taken care of. This research paper moves on after discussing about Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and the various councils set up under it.

It also talks about consumer dispute redressed agencies set up under this act.

Overall, there have been many other consumer protection laws, but they have all taken a backseat once the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 came upfront and this research paper mainly deals with the same. With all these new products stepping into the market with its new goods and services, consumer rights and interests have to be protected and when protection is needed, acts like Consumer Protection Act, 1986 come up and also these acts are modified as was done with this act in 1991, 1993 and 2002.

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Hence, this research project discusses every important change that came up and the need for it to further protect the consumer interests in India.

Like adulterated food is dangerous to life. Further, in the words of Winfield: “The principle has been extended from articles of food and drink and includes, inter alai, kiosks, hair dye, tombstones, industrial chemicals, toys, motor cars, lifts and scented erasers and poisonous pencils. ” the right to be informed about the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of goods or revise : It is to save consumers from false descriptions about the quality and quantity of the goods, exaggerated and misleading information about the goods’ power. Iii) the right of accession to a variety of goods and services at competitive prices : This right is based upon the belief that the consumers should be given wider choice through free competition and it is the best way to improve the quality and value for money. If a shopkeeper leaves no choice for the consumer but to buy a particular good only, the helpless consumer can bring the matter in front the council. He right to due attention at appropriate forums : Prior to the Consumer Protection Act, consumers had to approach the civil court for the settlement of the grievance which would take years.

It frustrates the objective of right to speedy and simple remedy. Thus it is duty of the council to see that the consumer is heard and receives due consideration. (v) the right to seek redressed against exploitation, and restrictive and unfair trade practices : The consumer has the right to seek redressed against unscrupulous exploitation, and restrictive or unfair trade practices. Booking of a marriage lawn on non-refundable deposit has been led to be an unfair trade practice. V’) the right to consumer education : For the proper functioning of the law, it is necessary that the people are aware of their legal rights. The Council has been charged with the responsibility of rendering consumers conscious of their rights and power under the act. The enforcement of these objectives is on various authorities under the Act. Independently of the administrative proceedings, “individual consumers would have a right of action for damages, specific performance, a declaration, injunction and an order for the replacement or reparation of the goods”.

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