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Consumption of Personal Care Products and Services Paper

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However, consumption of these products and services is evident in all subcultures, confirming that they are consistent with each subcultures value systems. 2. Is the product appropriate for male and female consumption? Will ongoing gender-role changes, affect who consumes our product or how it is consumed? Proactive Solutions is appropriate for both male and female consumption. The current ongoing gender-role is for females to be the main purchasers and consumers of personal care products. This gender-role is constantly changing so that males are now more included in these purchases and the consumption of hem.

Both males and females currently consume Proactive Solutions products. 3. Do ethics, social, regional, or religious subcultures have different consumption patterns relevant to our product? Regional and social subcultures have fairly equivalent consumption patterns. Some social subcultures may use different forms of personal care products, such as all natural ingredients or home-made products, They may also use different personal care services, or professional treatment, such as incriminations, acupuncture, or hot rocks therapy.

These different products or services may be used simultaneously with Proactive Solutions depending on consumer want and need preferences. 4. Do various demographic or social-strata groups (age, gender, urban/ suburban/rural, occupational, income, education) differ in their consumption Of this product? Consumption among regions and among racial groups does not vary significantly. The social-strata groups that do vary in consumption include age, occupation, income class, and education.

According to the SIS Consumer Expenditure Survey, the consumption of personal care products and services peaks between the ages of 35-54 Any age groups above or below this range consume less, faith consumers under 25 years spending less. The only observation that differs from this data is that most of Proactive Solutions consumers are under AS years Of age, meaning that older consumers may take part in the purchase process. Education, occupation, and income class social-strata groups go hand-in-hand as far as consumption Of personal care products and services go.

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Consumers that are college graduates (four years or more) spend and average of SASS per consumer unit. Consumers with less than a four year degree only spend and average of SASS per consumer unit. The professional occupation subculture averages $753 spent on personal care products and services per consumer unit. All other occupations spend under SASS per consumer unit. Finally, income classes earning above $100. 000 spend on average $868 and above per consumer unit, while lower income classes spend $761 and less, S. 5 this product particularly appropriate for consumers with relatively high (or low) incomes compared to others in their occupational group (ROCCO)? Although the consumption patterns may be different for these groups, Proactive Solutions is appropriate for all income levels and all occupations. 6. Can this product be particularly appropriate for specific roles, such as students or professional women? Although professional men and venues may be more likely to consume Proactive Solutions, this product is appropriate for all roles. 7. Would it be useful to focus on specific adopter categories?

By focusing on innovators and early adopters, Proactive Solutions will be able to develop a client base. These adopter categories tend to influence the Other adopter categories, so consumers in these other categories may eventually purchase Proactive Solutions. 8. Do groups in different stages of the household life cycle have different imposition patterns for this product? Who in the household is involved in the purchase process? Because acne may affect consumers of any age, all consumers may use Proactive Solutions. Younger age groups, especially teens, are more prone to acne, so their consumption patterns are noticeably higher.

The influencer, deciders, buyers, and users are typically involved in the purchase process. Sometimes a consumer may be all these roles, in which case they have complete control in the purchase process. In other cases, such as an unemployed teenager needing to treat acne, the roles may be different. In this example, the teenager would be the influencer and user, while the parents would be the deciders and buyers. B. Internal influences I _ Can this product satisfy different needs or motives in different people? What needs are involved? What characterizes individuals with differing motives? Yes.

Some consumers may use Proactive Solutions to improve their image, while others are more concerned about the health oftener skin. For example, consumers in professional occupations or consumers that are trying to impress a member Of the opposite sex may be most concerned about their image. Consumers who ant to maintain young and healthy skin would be most concerned about taking care of their skin. 2. Is this product uniquely suited for particular personality types? Self-concepts? Proactive Solutions is suited for all personality types (using Myers-Briggs personality types and Kissers Temperaments).

However, some personalities, such as Artisans, may be more likely to pay attention to their skin care. Consumers who take interest in the health or look of their skin or who believe that maintaining healthy skin is vital to their self-concept may be more likely to consume this product. 3. What emotions, if any, are affected by the purchase and/or consumption of this product? Knowing that they are improving the look and feel of their skin by using proactive Solutions makes consumers happy, This may also boost their self- esteem and confidence. . Is this product uniquely suited for one or more distinct lifestyles? Proactive is suited best for consumers that allow for the inclusion of a routine skin care regimen. In order for Proactive to work effectively, consistent use of the product is vital. 5. DO different groups have different attitudes about an ideal version Of our product? Yes. Some consumers would prefer to see Proactive Solutions offered in stores so that they can physically see it and/or buy it Without the hassle Of ordering it and having strings attached. When you order Proactive Solutions, your order is automatically sent to you on a regular basis. ) Other consumers may not trust the quality of Proactive Solutions because it is marketed using infomercials. C. Situational influences 1. Can this product be appropriate for specific types of situations instead of (or in additional to) specific types of people? Yes, Consumers who have a doctor recommendation to seek treatment tort their skin in order to improve its notation or relieve pain may have more reason to use proactive Solutions. D.

Decision process influences I _ Do different individuals use different evaluative criteria in selecting the product? Yes. Consumers, such as unemployed teenagers, who do not have to pay for the product are going to be more concerned about the outcome, the brand image, and the affects of being associated with that product Consumers who are a part of the purchase process, in particular the payment part, are going to be concerned mainly with the price, but also with the brand image and the outcome. 2. Do potential customers differ in their loyalty to existing products/brands?

Some consumers are very loyal to the brands that they currently use. Others may be open to trying something new. Reasons for being loyal include satisfaction with price, quality, and results. Consumers who are willing to try new products may have been unhappy with previous products or else they just might like to use the newest innovations in personal care products. Product Position A. Internal influences 1. What is the general semantic memory structure for this product category in each market segment? 18 years and under: This market segment may associate

Proactive Solutions with television infomercials and celebrity endorsers such as Jessica Simpson. They may also recall the explanation of the five step process and the green printing on the product packaging. Since teens 18 and under may not have a job, they might not be able to recall the price of the product because an adult would have ordered for them. Over 18 years: This market segment also is likely to associate Proactive Solutions With television infomercials, green printing on the product packaging, and the celebrity endorsers. Because they are more often than not the sole purchaser

Of the products and services that they use, price would also be included in their semantic memory. The results from using Proactive Solutions would be part of the semantic memories for all market segments. 2. What is the ideal version of this product in each market segment for the situations the firm wants to serve? A quality product that produces desired outcomes and that is produced and sold by an honest company are ideals held by consumers, B. Decision process influences I _ Which evaluation criteria are used in the purchase decision? Which decisions rules and importance weights are used?

Price, performance/quality, and brand mage are some of the evaluative criteria used by consumers when deciding to purchase Proactive Solutions. Proactive Solutions is priced similar to other skin care products, such as Mary Kay, Avon, or Clique, making price a Nan-issue. The countless number of success stories provides evidence of the quality and performance of the product. Brand image is tricky. Some consumers look at the many celebrities who endorse Proactive Solutions and regard this as proof that the product is good or even that their image may increase by using this product.

Other consumers may feel that they are being lied to by these celebrities, leveling that people Of such high Status would not use such a moderate priced product. This could possibly cause them to distrust all aspects of Proactive Pricing 1. Does the segment hold any values relating to any aspect of pricing, such as the use of credit or conspicuous consumption? The price of Proactive Solutions is fairly equal to that of other companies. All consumers like a good deal though, and so any special offer would be gladly welcomed. 2.

Does the segment have sufficient income, after covering living expenses, to afford the product? The majority of the market segments have sufficient income o purchase Proactive Solutions As mentioned above, the market segment 18 and under may require an older adult to purchase for them. 3. Is it necessary to lower price to obtain a sufficient relative advantage to ensure diffusion? Will temporary price reductions induce product trail? Lowering the price may attract more consumers, but it is not necessary because Proactive Solutions is perceived as being priced comparably With Other brands.

Proactive Solutions may consider lowering or eliminating shipping and handling though because some consumers may find it too high to justify purchasing Proactive over store bought product. 4. Who in the household evaluates the price of the product? Typically the deciders and buyers evaluate the price of the product before and during the actual purchase of Proactive Solutions, l. Will price be perceived as an indicator of status? Price is always an indicator of status and it is no different with Proactive Solutions. Many high income and high social class consumers prefer to purchase more expensive products to maintain their image.

Therefore, Proactive Solutions is more likely to be associated with middle or low class status because of its moderate price. This is not to say however that high income classes do not purchase Proactive Solutions. 2. Is economy in purchasing this type of product relevant to the lifestyles of the segment? Yes. Consumers who are looking for a skin care system that focuses on the treatment of acne finally hue a product that they can use. 3. Is price an important aspect Of the segment’s attitude toward the brands in the product category?

Price is an important aspect for consumers when selecting a product brand from the personal care category. They tend to compare the brands that they know to seek the best value or the product that best fits with heir budget.. 4. What is the segment’s perception of a fair or reasonable price for this product? Because Proactive Solutions is offered at a price comparable to that of other brands, it is viewed as a reasonably priced brand and consumers do not find price to be an issue. 1. Does the role to price vary with the type of situation?

Yes, When consumers first begin to shop for acne skin care products, during information acquisition, they may research different brands to compare prices. Later, during the purchase decision, the price of the products may play a role in helping the consumer determine which product to finally purchase. D. Decision process factors 1. Can a low price be used to trigger problem recognition? Yes. If Proactive Solutions were to significantly drop the price Of their product, consumers might make the assumptions that the business is failing or that the quality Of the product is poor.

Lower price may have the opposite effect where the consumers recognize the lowered price as a discount and hurry to place an order before the price is raised again. 2. Is price an important evaluation criterion? What decision rule is applied to the evaluation criteria used? Is price likely to serve as a surrogate indicator of quality? Price is an important evaluative criterion, but not the most important. As far as being an indicator of quality, in some cases yes. However, Proactive is priced similarly to other brands and so its quality may be compared to those other brands. 3.

Are consumers likely to respond to in-store reductions? WA. Distribution Strategy 1. What values do the segments have that relate to distribution? Proactive Solutions is offered primarily through infomercials, but also online. Many consumers would prefer to be able to physically touch or look at personal care products before purchasing them. If Proactive Solutions were to offer their reduce at store locations, their sales most likely would improve and customer satisfaction might increase too. 2. DO the male and female members Of the segments have differing requirements of the distribution system?

Do working couples, single individuals, or single parents Within the segment have unique needs relating to product distribution? Male and female segments do not have differing requirements of the distribution system. Adults that are very busy and do not have time for a lot of in-store shopping might prefer the convenience of online ordering and calling in orders by phone. Other consumers that have more time and enjoy in-store shopping would prefer that Proactive Solutions be sold there. 3. Can the distribution system capitalize on reference groups by serving as a means for individuals with common interests to get together?

Proactive Solutions advertises success stories of current consumers of their product, By making these stories public, the company has created an informational reference group to influence potential consumers. 4. 15 the product complex such that a high-service channel is required to ensure its diffusion? Proactive Solutions is in a competitive market for acne skin care. Because of this, they have done a lot of marketing through channels other than in-store. Many consumers are aware of Proactive Solutions because of its use of the television and Internet channels.

Occasionally consumers may also come across an advertisement in the paper. 1. Will the selected outlets be perceived in a manner that enhances the desired product position? Yes. The use of celebrities on television commercials promoting Proactive Solutions creates a mental representation of the product. When consumers think of Proactive Solutions they will most likely think of one or more celebrities associated with it. Likewise, when consumers see or hear about the associated celebrities, they may think of Proactive Solutions. 2. What type of distribution system is consistent with the lifestyles of each segment?

The current distribution of proactive Solutions through television and Internet is consistent with the literates of most consumers, especially ones with busy lifestyles and who like the convenience of shopping at home or work. 3. What attitudes does each segment hold with respect to the various distribution alternatives? Consumers that would prefer to physically touch and see the personal care products before they decide to purchase them might hose to purchase other brands simply because they are offered in stores. I _ Do the desired features of the distribution system vary with the situation?

Yes. Consumers purchasing acne skin care products desire easy access to product information, testimonials Of the quality and results Of the product, and quick and easy shopping and purchasing experiences. During information acquisition, consumers that are introduced to acne skin care products through advertisements or their social surroundings may be more likely to try the product because it is familiar to them. Proactive Solutions is advertised evilly on the television and in advertisements on other websites, but also in papers.

In addition, many of the current Proactive Solutions consumers who are satisfied with the product share their positive experience with others through advertisements and to people they know. A major part of the distribution system that is important to consumers currently, is quick and easy shopping and purchasing. Proactive Solutions’ website is easy to navigate, but there are a lot of information links to go through to get all of the intimation a consumer may be looking for. The purchasing process is draughtswoman and quick, Consumers can order online through a quick four step process or they can call or fax their order in. . What outlets are in the segment’s evoked set? Will consumers in this segment seek information in this type Of outlet? Because Proactive Solutions is only offered by order, consumers may choose to seek out information about other acne skin care products in local stores, Which are a part Of their evoked sets. 2. Which evaluative criteria does this segment use to evaluate outlets? Which decision rule? Consumers consider shopping experience and outlet image when evaluating outlets. Shopping experience includes the environment, navigation, and assistance from employees/customer service representatives.

They collect all of the information they need and make decisions based on the results of the criteria from many aspects, 3. 15 the outlet selected before, after, or simultaneously with the product? To what extent are product decisions made in the retail outlet? The outlet is selected after the product. If consumers decide to purchase Proactive Solutions, then they will have to make the decision to either shop by phone, tax, or Internet. Proactive Solutions is not offered through retail outlets. Rendition Strategy I _ What values does the segment hold that can be used in communications? Which should be avoided?

Consumers value product and service quality. They want a product that is effective and they want the process of buying that product to be fast and easy. Too much clutter should be avoided on the website. 2. How can we communicate to our chosen segments in a manner consistent With the emerging gender-role perceptions Of each segment? The inclusion Of males in the testimonials and advertisements will communicate the product’s appropriateness for both male and female purchase and consumption. Proactive Solutions already uses this communication information. 3. What is the nonverbal communication system of each segment?

Both segments respond to images of people with acne and then images of those same people with clear skin. It is proof that the product works for other consumers. 4. How, if at all, can we use reference groups in our advertisements? Proactive Solutions uses current consumers of their products, including celebrities, to provide testimonials for prospective consumers to view. S. Can our advertisements help make the product part of one or more role- related product clusters? Because Proactive Solutions was solely designed for acne retirement, it is only classified under skin care products, 6. Can we reach and influence opinion leaders?

Yes. Consumers look to friends and family for advice of purchases. If consumers know someone who already uses Proactive Solutions and is happy With their results, then they might be influenced to also use Proactive Solutions. 7. If our product is an innovation, are there diffusion inhibitors that can be overcome by promotion? Proactive Solutions is not really a new innovation. There was already a market for acne skin care products. The only inhibitors they faced were competition and no in store products. They did overcome these things with advertising and promotions, which they continue to offer today. 8.

Who in the household should receive what types of information concerning the product? The person consuming the product should receive information regarding the products ingredients, warnings, and directions, The person purchasing Proactive Solutions should receive a receipt and shipping information. 8. Internal Influences 1. Have we structured our promotional campaign such that each segment will be exposed to it, attend to it, and interpret it in the manner we desire? Yes, Proactive Solutions has successfully advertised using television, print media, and the Internet. These forms of advertising reach a vast part of the population daily. . Have we made use of the appropriate learning principles 50 that our meaning will be remembered? Yes. Through demonstrations of the proper use of Proactive Solutions, the use of models/celebrities to test the product instead of customers, and revealing the positive physical and emotional outcomes of current consumers, Proactive Solutions has definitely had a lasting impression on consumers that is bound to be remembered. 3. Do our messages relate to the purchase motives help by the segment? Do they help reduce motivational conflict if necessary? Proactive Solutions is very straightforward about their products use for acne treatment.

This directly relates to consumers who are looking for acne treatment products. Their use of testimonials and celebrities may help in motivational conflict because in store acne treatment products typically do not offer these things. 4. Are we considering the emotional implications of the ad and/or the use of the product? Yes. The majority of the testimonials and all of the celebrity testimonials include emotions that were effected by the use of Proactive S. 15 the lifestyle portrayed in our advertisements consistent with the desired epistyle of the selected segments? Yes.

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