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Constantine the Great Essay

Throughout time there have been pivotal men and women who have made significant marks in history that may be considered indelible.One of these men, Constantine the Great, more formally known as, Caesar Flavius Constantinus Pius Felix Invictus Augustus made tremendous religious contributions to the Roman people in which he ruled. For thefirst time ever, a Christian emperor ascended the throne of the Rome. In the year 323 CE Constantine the Great became the sole ruler of the Roman Empire. 1The purpose of this paper is to explore the religious contributions Constantine the Great made for the Roman people.Constantine the Great not only legalized and helped establish Christianity in Rome, but he set up the Council of Nicaea to reestablish religious peace and honored the site of Christ's resurrection with the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
Constantine the Great, was born at Naissus, which is now Nisch, Servia.The exact date of his birth is unknown but is thought to be between the years 274 and 288. (cite).2Constantine was the eldest son of Constantius Chlorus , and his concubine, Helena.Constantine Ifirst distinguished himself by his military talent under Diocletian and served under Galerius in the Persian War.In 305, Diocletian and Maximian abdicated and were succeeded by Constantine's father, Constanius Chlorus, and Galerius.Constantine went to serve under his father who ruled in Western Rome. 3There he was able to distinguish himself, and when his father died on July 25, 306, Constantine I was immediately named as his father's successor. 4 By the year 314, following many battles, Constantine I had gained full control over the West and Lucinius had become the sole emperor of the East.In 323, Constantine I defeated Lucinius and put him to death.Constantine was now the sole of Emperor of the entire Roman Empire.He moved his headquarters to Byzantium, established it as the new Roman capital…

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