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Consider you USPS Paper

This business plan will count towards 30% of your final grade for the International Business Foundation course. Every task must be submitted through Turning by pm on the date specified. Late submissions will be subject to normal penalties. PLEASE NOTE: You may re-attempt any task which is awarded a mark below 40%. You will have ONE opportunity to re-attempt a single task. The maximum mark that can be awarded for a re-attempted task will be 59%. Any task which has achieved 40% or higher MAY NOT be re-attempted. Your business plan will achieve the following learning outcomes:

LOL Understand how business type influences the setting of strategic aims and objectives (unit 1) CA Understand how marketing information is used by organizations (unit 3) ALL Know how and why marketing research is conducted by organizations (unit 6) ALL To use different marketing techniques to achieve business objectives (unit 3) LOS Understand the purpose of managing human, physical and financial resources (unit 2) ALL Be able to prepare a cash flow forecast (unit 5) ALL Be able to present information effectively (unit 4) Task 1 Prepare an introduction to your business, detailing the following information.

Write this in the style of a report. Else explanations and examples for each where possible. A) What is the name of your business? Why did you choose this name: b) Create a logo for your business. C) is) Explain where your business will be located and why. Explain why you chose to buy or lease the property. Iii) Show a map of its location and on this map show where your 2 main competitors are. D) Describe the ownership of your business and explain this (E. G. Ill you be a sole trader or form a limited company? ) e) What types of products/services will your coffee shop sell? Will it have a theme? Lecturer: Hazel Roberts (all groups) Due date: Tuesday 06 May 2014 Task 2 List the mission statement, aims and objectives for your business. Consider that this is a private sector business and what this means and this will affect the aims and objectives. Create one mission statement, aims and four SMART objectives for your business. !

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Lecturer:Haze Roberts (all groups) Due date: Friday 99th May 2014 This task will achieve LOL Task 3 Conduct market research to see how large the potential market is coffee shop business in your chosen location. In order to do this you will conduct secondary research (online) followed by primary (either a questionnaire or a focus group) and, and analyses the results. Your primary research should inform the decisions of your marketing m A diverse sample of respondents will be needed to conduct effective ma research.

A minimum of 25 questionnaires must be completed. Lecturer: Concerned Hollies (all groups) Due date: Friday 16th May 2014 This task will achieve ALL 15% Task 4 Create a SOOT and a PEST analysis for your business. Use your SOOT and PEST analysis to support and evaluate the viability your business plan. Lecturer:Woven Richardson (all groups) This task will achieve ALL Task 5 Create a promotional flyer to identify opportunities for your busing Techniques to include segmentation, targeting and positioning.

Lecturer: Woven Richardson (all groups) Due date: Friday 23rd May 2014 This task will achieve ALL Task 6 a) Describe what staff you will employ. (What they will do? How many do you need? ) Consider the basis on which you will employ your staff and how this could effect your costs (part-time / full-time / salaried / hourly wage / liability insurance / recruitment). B) Explain how you will recruit your staff, considering legal aspects in terms of equal opportunities and create an example of an advertisement. ) How do you intend to ensure they are effective workers? D) List and price all of the purchases you will need for your business. Some of the purchases may include: property, furniture, fixtures & fittings, technology, security, uniforms, machinery, printing, marketing, etc. (will you decide to lease any equipment? Due date: Tuesday 33rd June 2014 This task Will achieve ALL Task 7 decide Prepare a realistic cash flow forecast for your business and how much finance you will need to ask to borrow from the bank.

Due date: Friday 66th June 2014 This task will achieve ALL Task 8 Present your business plan to the bank manager. Remember that the aim of this presentation is to persuade HASH to give you the money that you require to start up your new business. You will need to show the bank manager: a) Your business idea b) That your business will be successful and how ) How much money you need to borrow Once you have presented your plan to the bank manager, they will be able to tell you whether it is a successful business and whether or not HASH will give you the money for your new business.

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