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When most people think of cloning, they think of a scientist that uses DNA to make an exact replica of someone . Cloning is a lot more complicated and more controversial than that . According to the American Heritage Dictionary Cloning is defined as “A group of cells, or organism that is descended from and genetically identical to a common ancestor , such as a bacterial colony whose members arose from a single original cell .

Ever since August,1,2001 Cloning had been banned .

Cloning was banned for many different reasons, such as: any person can obtain extreme power, cloning defects and mutations for example a headless baby that was cloned, Ethical and religious reasons why cloning should be banned . Florida state representative Dave Weldon agrees to the cloning ban . “I don’t think there’s any way that you can prevent the creation of human clones without stopping it from the beginning .

” (The Florida representative tells CNN) Cloning was banned because it can have either horrible or helpful results on our world . Cloning is equally bad or good .

Cloning can help cure diseases, help with surgeries both plastic and medical . Cloning can cause severe defections ,and is wrong for a religious person because it is a way of playing God . Human Cloning can be both Destructive and Beneficent to the Human Race . Cloning is to create an exact copy of an organism using Genetics .

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The first mammal that was successfully cloned was a sheep named Dolly . Dolly was made by replacing the genes of a normal sheep egg with DNA took from an unknown sheep’s mammary gland that have been dead for years, putting the egg in the uterus of foster mother for full gestation .

What Are Pros And Cons Of Cloning

It took 277 attempts to clone Dolly . Dolly was born with a genetic abnormality . She had lung disease even before she was born . Dolly then died at the age of six , which is half the normal life expectancy for a sheep . There are several different types of cloning . There is Embryo Twinning which is similar to the natural way to have twins . When an egg is fertilized it is put in a Petri dish and divided into eight cell embryos . The eight cells separate and eight clones are born . Another type of cloning is called The Roslin Technique.

The Roslin Technique which was used to clone Dolly . The Roslin technique was developed by Ian Wilmut . In his first attempts to create clones from adult cells, this technique had one success out of 277 tries . The Rosalin Technique is a technique used to clone Adult animals . It requires two cells a donor cell and oocyte cell . Another technique used is the Honolulu technique . In the Honolulu technique , the nucleus from a somatic cell is removed and put into an egg that had its nucleus removed. The egg is bathed in a chemical solution and cultured.

The developing embryo is planted into a surrogate and allowed to develop. Ever since August1,2001 there was a law passed to ban Human Cloning . If someone commits that crime they would have to serve 10 years in prison and pay a $1 million fine. It was voted on and to keep cloning banned won . The ratio of the vote was 265-162 . Human Cloning can help the civilization that we live in numerous ways . Human Cloning can help the cancer research tremendously . We can clone body parts for Transplants and Surgeries . Human Cloning can help reverse heart attacks and even their effects .

Conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, heart failure, degenerative joint disease, and other problems may be made curable if human cloning and its technology are not banned. Because of human cloning and its technology we would not have to use silicone breast implants and other cosmetic procedures that may cause immune disease. With the new technology, instead of using materials not from us to the body for operations, doctors will be able to manufacture bone, fat, connective tissue, or cartilage that matches the patients tissues exactly.

Anyone will able to have their appearance altered to their satisfaction without the leaking of silicone gel into their bodies or the problems that occur with present day plastic surgery. Victims of terrible accidents that messed up the face should now be able to have their features repaired with new, safer, technology. Limbs for amputees may be able to be formed . Human cloning technology could be used to reverse heart attacks. Scientists believe that they may be able to treat heart attack victims by cloning their healthy heart cells and injecting them into the areas of the heart that have been damaged.

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States and several other countries. A heart attack is when blood flow to a section of heart muscle becomes blocked. If the flow of blood isn’t restored quickly, the section of heart muscle becomes damaged from lack of oxygen and begins to die. Human cloning is also thought of as a cure to many different diseases . The cure to diseases such as kidney failure, Liver failure, Leukemia, and cancer . It can cure Kidney failure by cloning kidneys for kidney transplant . Human cloning can cure liver failure by cloning livers for liver transplant .

To cure Leukemia they can cure the bone marrow and that was one of the first benefits that came from cloning . To cure Cancer they have to learn how to switch cells on and off and the only way to learn how to do this is from cloning . Families that are un able to have children can clone themselves or a family member so that they would have a child . “This experiment made people think very different about biology , it is one of those things that made people much more ambitious and optimistic about using stem cells for humans”( Dr. Wilmat, New York times )

Human cloning can be a destructive thing to our world . Cloning can divide our entire world because of religious ethical reasons . Cloning can cause the world to be dictated by one leader . “The history of cloning is replete with defects, deformity, and death” (Illegal beings: Human Clones and the Law By Kerry Lynn Macintosh page 95 )Cloning can cause serious defects and mutations that may be very disturbing . 95 to 98 percent of all cloning attempts have ended in failure . And almost all successfully cloned animals have genetic abnormalities .

Cloning can cause severe defections ,and is wrong for a religious person because it is a way of playing God . Mutations is a serious effect that cloning has . So far every thing that was cloned had some kind of genetic abnormality . No one would want a clone of themselves to be missing body parts or having extra ones . If we had many messed up clone experiments running around that would put more of a burden on our society . Human cloning is not natural and would never be natural . Humans were born to reproduce onE way and cloning is not a natural way to reproduce .

It is unmoral because it would not follow the rules that we live by and the rules that are thought in religion . People are meant to live and then to die . That is Natures way of life . That is the circle of life . No human should be able to change that . Another reason why Cloning is bad is because if one person is able to make multiple clones of a very strong person they can create a very strong invincible army to dictate the world and control every thing . Cloning might be used to create a perfect person with above normal strength and sub-normal intelligence, a genetic underclass.

Also, if cloning is perfected in humans, there would be no genetic need for men. Reproduction how we know it , might even change because everyone would just make a clone of themselves . It is unethical to clone a human also it is illegal . Another reason why cloning is not good, because When Dolly the sheep was cloned had lung cancer even before she was born . Which means that there is a good chance that anything else that is cloned will be born with some kind of deformity also . When Dolly died she was only six years old which means that it only lived half of the normal life span for sheep .

That means if a person lives until they turn 100 years old and that person had a clone, most likely the clone would die around the age 50 . Cloning would be very expensive project that only the richest people would be able to afford . So that would make the richest people even more powerful than they already are . Another reason why Cloning is a bad idea is that once we do start cloning if we ever start , how would clones be treated in this society ? Would Clones be treated equal in our society / would they have minimal rights ? Would they take over because they might have more knowledge since they are artificial .

It would not make much sense if Clones were added in our society . Even if they were treated equally they would never be thought of as equal because they not exactly human . If they are giving minimal rights, there is a chance that they may revolt . It would be too much if the government made cloning legal because there would be cost issues, revolting issues, ethical issues, mutations and probably more that no would ever think of . Cloning is to make an exact copy of something by using DNA and organs . The first successful mammal clone after 277 tries was Dolly the Sheep .

Dolly the sheep was born with an abnormality and died at half the normal age for sheep to die . There are many different types of Human Cloning . Ever since August1,2008 Human Cloning had been banned in the United States . Human Cloning can be very helpful to our society and very dangerous to our society. Human Cloning had been banned for many different reasons . Human Cloning had been banned because it is not natural and there are many ethics against cloning. One person would be able to gain supreme power by making a super army of clones .

Serious defections and Mutations can occur from Human Cloning . Anything that is Cloned is considered Abnormal , even if the mutations are visible . Human Cloning can be helpful to our society because human cloning will help find cures for dieses like Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, heart failure, degenerative joint disease . Cloning is can also be help ful in our world for transplants . If someone needs a body part like a liver or kidney, we would be able to clone that body part so we would be able to Transplant it into a person who needs it .

Cloning can help with plastic surgery because instead of using silicone parts they can use real parts . If a couple is unable to have a baby for some reason, they can clone themselves or a family member . Even though that sounds easy and simple to use it wont be because if it took 277 tries to clone Dolly and she had contracted a disease even before she was born . Cloning most likely wont ever be legal again because of the controversy . Most people believe that we are perfect the way we are and don’t need cloning to help us live because it may even cause super diseases .

They believe it is not Natural and no human should try and play the Role of God . Some people that as a way a powerful dictator can gain extreme power . Even if we had clones living among us, where would there place in society be ? Some people believe that cloning can be a serious advance in technology and can help our society in Numerous ways . They believe it can help cure diseases that are un curable at the time . This debate topic would never actually be solved and will be around for a long time .

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