Conquest Of Mexico And Peru

The Conquest of Mexico began with Hernan Cortez.Cortez after working his way up as a soldier and a writer in Santa Domingo and Cuba was given a “rescue mission” to the Yucatan to search for Grijalva who hadn’t returned from his expedition.Cortez goes to Mexico and by interacting with neighboring Mayans he was lead to the island of sacrifices.This is how Cortez discovered the Aztecs.Once Cortez knew that there were riches and much more opportunities for himself he decided to conquer Mexico.

Velasquez orders Cortez to return to Cuba, Cortez can not conquer Mexico without the king’s permission.So in order to get around Velasquez’s orders Cortez founds the city of Vera Cruz and sets up a council to assume royal power and allow the invasion of the Aztecs. Cortez, having such a advantage over the local tribes with his horses and guns, had no problem with the help of his translators to ally the local tribes, especially the Tlaxcalas, and get them to fight against the Aztecs.

Montezuma, who hears of Cortez and how he slaughtered many leaders after inviting them to a party, meets Cortez at a marketplace in Tlateloco.Cortez easily gains power and keeps Montezuma on house arrest.Meanwhile Velasquez is angry with Cortez for disobeying his orders and sends a crew to arrest him.However when they meet Cortez he convinces them to stay and collect the spoils of conquering Mexico.As Cortez was meeting with his new addition to his army, chaos ensued back in Mexico City where Alvarado was left in charge.

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The people did not agree with the banning of the human sacrifices and an uprising occurred.Montezuma tried to speak to the people but as he was trying to speak he was hit in the head with a rock and killed.Cortez managed to escape while losing all his treasure along with a few fingers as well.He organizes a counter attack at Tlaxcala with the help of some Spanish reinfo…

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