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Confessions Of A Shopaholic Book Review Paper

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Essay on “Confessions of a Shopaholic and the marriage bond”

Every little girl dreams of great love and the most beautiful in the world of the wedding. And when they grow up, to strive to bring the cherished desire to reality. And how can we know that the closer to the ideal – elegant celebration in New York hotel “Plaza” or the relatively modest ceremony in his native English town Oksshott arranged by loving parents

Perhaps you too would fall into confusion by choosing something? one, like the heroine of Sophia Kinsella’s novel “Confessions of a Shopaholic and the marriage bond” Becky Bloomwood.

So, as you might have guessed in the above book, this charming lady marries Luke Brandon. Well, the wedding – it is always stressful. And especially for a girl like Becky. She again managed to get in trouble and get out of it the most wonderful way only on the last pages. Some readers believe such miracles implausible, but I do not. For my own experience I know that in reality can happen anything, and sometimes it can be even more strange, unexpected and wonderful, than in my wildest dreams. But for the moment, at rest all sorts of wonders and weddings. In the book, it was not just about that.

Shopaholic Review

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During the preparation for this event, yet Becky painfully decide what to choose as a celebration, Luke experienced a serious drama in a relationship with her mother. He was defeated, lost and did not know how to live. And in this difficult time in his life he helped favorite. Yes, the kind of girl who is obsessed with stores and purchases, made several lists of wedding gifts and instead to solve urgent problems, hides its head in the sand …

Still, I terribly like this whimsical, but very sincere girl. Probably, for this is her and fell in love with Luke. However, the wording incorrect. If the feelings are real, the love not for something, and just like that. And how can somehow relate to Becky? Her sincerity and kindness bribe, so, no matter what folly this girl did, it always gets away with it.

It is very impressed with me and then, with some humor, the book is written. Not just caught myself thinking about what a laugh not only at Becky, but also on himself, too. For example, how many times I loved just as distracting from the important briefings or negotiations because of a trifle. But he understands me and always just laugh at these situations. By the way, I read him a couple of episodes of the book, and he too laughed heartily

The Saga of Confessions of a Shopaholic -. It is a kind of modern fairy tale, where there are fantastic episodes. However, at the same time, the fairy tales is often more true than in the other, even the most autobiographical works.

So, in the end, Becky Bloomwood can not solve all the problems in unexpected ways. But not for long, and, more precisely, to the next book when the girl again vlipnet in some very unconventional history and throughout the book will get out of it, consoling himself with the endless trips to the store. Just like in life, you do not find the

Another important advantage – the lack of descriptions of love-erotic scenes, for which I do not accept, and why I do not read romance novels. The sincerity of feelings can be shown without it.

In the end, the book was kindly funny and touching. What else you need to have a little escape from the monotony of everyday life, smile and cheer up …

• Recently, we went to lunch and talked in detail?; I sincerely promised that I would try to buy less, and Luke sincerely promised that he would try to work less. Then Luke returned to the office, and I went for groceries for dinner …

This is certainly not the most amusing episode, but only one of many.

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