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Condumetric and Gravemetric Lab Report Paper

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Another way to calculate the molar concentration of barium hydroxide would be to calculate the number of moles of the insoluble barium sulfate by gravimetric determination. Data Analysis: 1. 7. 6 ; 10-4 mol HASPS 2. 0. 076 M 3. 0. 008351 mol Bass 4. 0. 0835 M 5. Equivalence Point: 24% error, Gravimetric determination: 17% error. The gravimetric determination was more accurate because an exact amount of precipitate was formed.

Conclusion: In this lab an attempt was made to determine the concentration of a solution by using the countercyclical determined equivalence point of the reaction between and HASPS and by gravimetric determination. The military using the equivalence point was determined to be 0. 076 M, with a percent error tot 24% (actual value was 0. 100 M). The military using gravimetric termination was 0. 0835, an error of 17%. One possible error is the presence tot bubbles in the burette.

Bubbles would have caused the burette reading to be too high, resulting in a larger equivalence point. Another possible error deals with the colloidal nature of barium hydroxide due to its relatively low solubility. The colloidal barium hydroxide would make it more difficult for barium sulfate to precipitate out when reacting. Decreasing the amount of precipitate would make the military lower than the actual, and would also account for the error experienced in this lab.

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