Theory On Investigating Conductors

Conductor Investigation Experiment Labret Introduction This experiment is about to test how will the monochrome wire effect the ampere of the electric current. All the possible factor that will effect to the volt of the current The Length of the wire The Diameter of the wire Temperature Magnetism Aim To determine the effect of the length of the wire on the ampere of the electric current. Hypothesis Monochrome is an alloy(a metal made by combining two or more metallic elements) that is made out of 80% nickel and 20% chromium.

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I know that it is a resistant material that will slow electric current down, therefore, it will produce heat and some light. I think that the more monochrome wire that we use the ampere will be lower, I think that is because the longer the wire is, the more electricity that the wire will slow down. Apparatus – Power Supply – Wires (Leads) – Alligator Clips – Ammeter – Monochrome Wire (20 Gauge)-(different length) (2 CM, 4 CM, 6 CM, 8 CM, 10 CM) Method 1 .

Set up the power supply. 2. Connect the ammeter and the monochrome wire. Cut 5 different length of wire . 4. They all need to be 10 CM long. 5. Test the different length of the wires. 6. Record the results. I will measure the ampere that is shown on the ammeter Fair Testing Controlled variable :The same voltage from the power supply, same wires, alligator clips, ammeter. Independent variable : The length of the monochrome wire. Dependent variable: The ampere of the current. This is a fair test because there is only one thing that is different in the experiment, which is the length of the chrome wire.

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When there is no monochrome wire in the circuit, it measures AAA when it is connected to a 2 CM wire, the amperes decreased to 3. AAA, when it is connected to a 10 CM wire, the amperes is AAA. That shows the length of the wire does effect the ampere of the circuit. The data above supported my hypothesis. I think this test is reliable, because it is a fair test, to make it more reliable, I can do mere trials to proof my results, When the monochrome wire is used, it will shows down the current and reduce heat and some light, therefore, the ampere will be lower.

Evaluation The possible errors are the length of the wires are not measured correctly, because some of the monochrome wires are bended when we got it, it is vary hard to measure the length of the wire when it is bended. I can improve that by using new wires for the experiment. There are also not enough trials of this test, if there are more trials, the test will become more accreted. The further work can be also measuring the voltage and see if there are anything different.

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