Article On Computers And Modern Education

With the dawn of the computer era, all aspects of the society have become influenced by technology, including education. A large number of students use computers to work on. Even though it makes our work easier, it can turn out to be a huge distraction due to things like games, social networking sites, watching movies, etc. For example, in my school, students from grade 6 have their own laptops and during the breaks or even after school on the train platforms you will find them playing games on their laptops.

I think computers are not really essential for modern education. What is important, is that we know our basics. If we have a strong foundation, we could be better off in the future. Even though jobs today are largely dependent on technology, we can learn how to use computers later on in life or alongside any other work.

There are various subjects that can be taught using technology such as computer graphics, programming like C++ and Visual Basic, history, etc.

For drama, computers can be used as well to show videos of famous actors in the past. Subjects such as chemistry, biology, art and music are better taught without a computer because these are practical subjects.

In conclusion, computers could be used in education but it should be kept to a minimum. If a child gets addicted to computers from a young age, their basics in subjects like maths, for example might not be strong due to the use of calculators.

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Article On Computers And Modern Education
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