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Computer Science: Ethics and Understanding Essay

Essay Topic:

Ever since the age of ten, I have been impressed and astonished by the abilities a computer can preform in the blink of an eye. Should I double click an application, a massive program, littered with billions of lines of code and accompanied by fancy graphics, can just simply work and preform. This always left me wondering, “How in the world is that even possible?”. This curiosity, accompanied by growing up in the so-called “Digital Era,” led me to major in Computer Science.

Every profession has a code of ethics that the employees should follow. In Computer Science, there is eight main points to understand. The first and second points explain that it is most important that programmers act in the best interest of their clients. The third point explains that programmers should provide the best quality of work that is applicable. The fourth and fifth points explain that the programmer should use their best judgment and promote the most ethical practices. The sixth point explains that the programmer should accumulate respect due to good work performance. The seventh point explains that the programmer should always try to inspire peers through. The final point explains that the programmer should always strive to improve their work throughout their career.

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There are some moral codes in the code of ethics. “Public 1.06 states: Be fair and avoid deception in all statements, particularly public ones, concerning software or related documents, methods, and tools.”. Lying to the public is normally unacceptable in all careers. However, I feel as though it is not imperative to follow this in Computer Science when discussing the formation of code and the complete layout of the code, for codes are very private and should not get into the hands of people who would like to do harm with them. “Judgment 4.04 states: Do not engage in deceptive financial practices such as bribery, double billing, or other improper financial practices.”. This code should be…

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