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Computer Hacking and Cyber Security Essay

In the modern world, technology has become a major role in our everyday lives and continues to advance, providing us with access to unlimited information with the ease of our fingertips. This is made possible because of computer networks, which is a virtual endless storage for information, that is put together and distributed to any user after a request has been made. Computer networks are defined as “the communication of channels that allow sharing of resources and information”. The potential to transfer data from one location to another instantly, has created a new way of spreading information worldwide. However, because of the extreme power the internet has gained, it has become possible for people to commit crimes online; stealing information from others and using it for their own benefits.

As technology becomes more dominant in the 21st century, “cyber-crimes” have increased significantly. According, to Sinrod (2000) “cyber- crimes aren’t just about hacking and cracking codes, it has been a new highway into pirating digital and software goods, money laundering, and extortion to name a few. Law enforcement officials have been frustrated by the inability of legislators to keep cyber-crime legislation ahead of the fast-moving technological curve” (2000). In 2016, companies and government organizations are using the internet along with computer networks, such as clouds, to keep their institutions functioning and information saved. This has attracted the eyes of many “hackers”, who are basically internet thieves. The ability to communicate worldwide to distribute, discuss, and finalize confidential information has left organizations unknowingly vulnerable. It’s disturbing, and fascinating (to me at least), that any intelligent computer hacker can get access to a network at any time and do whatever they please with an organizations/persons information.

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Hacking affects everyone in today’s society, because the int…

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