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Comparison of Bible and Daodejing Paper

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Bible and the Decontaminated the Bible and the Degrading represent the religious artifacts designed to gulled the believers through their lives, establishing the moral code to follow. The Bible Is a significant symbol of Charlatanry and while its text is open to interpretation, the Bible is quite strict with the rules provided within it: the people must follow them without questioning, doing exactly how it was said by the God. Disobedience, violations of the God-made laws will be punished. Degrading is widely followed by Chinese people.

It is more vague and accepting, and emphasizes the reward for following it: if the search for the harmony is successful, the person will reach happiness. Everybody can follow the Way, as long as they strive for natural balance and harmony: “l am good to those who are good; I also am good to those who are not good… L trust the trustworthy; I also trust the untrustworthy” (Chapter 49). The difference between the texts becomes clear in the very beginning of the 10 Commandments. Since Christianity is a monotheistic religion, it implies the existence of only one God.

The first three commandments Leary define that there Is one God and people should worship only him: “for I am the Lord your God am a Jealous God, visiting the Iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me” (Exodus 20:5). Following the Dad does not prohibit following other religions and believing in other gods. Instead of putting the emphasis on worshiping the gods, the way of Dad encourages people to learn more about themselves, pointing out that this knowledge can lead to enlightenment: “those who know themselves are enlightened… SSE who conquer themselves are strong” (Chapter 33). The Bible, and specifically the 10 Commandments. Attempt to create general rules to follow In order to create and maintain good community. Those rules are quite defined and it is pretty hard to misinterpret them: do not kill, do not steal, do not commit adultery, respect the elders, do not desire someone else’s property, and do not make false statements. Similar to Bible, Degrading stresses the importance of freeing from greed and desires, but does it in less prescriptive way.

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Instead of emphasizing the punishment for violation of the rules Like the Bible does, the Degrading defies the pre-set rule and laws: “the more taboo and prohibitions… The poorer the people… The more clear the laws and edicts, the more thieves and robbers” (Chapter 57). It encourages to voluntarily choose the path of non-action, giving up everything that might disrupt the existing balance, and the result will lead to happiness. According to the Degrading, people should not work towards enlightenment and achieving the Dad: the more one arches for It, the further It becomes.

The only way to achieve the Dad Is to do nothing, to let oneself free of all desires and problems and reach natural balance: “gaining the world always is accomplished by following no activity’ (Chapter 48). In order to accomplish smooth functioning, every community designates a special place for those who cannot stand up for themselves and need someone strong and passionate to raise awareness and concerns about their lives and ability to function as a part of society.

Both the Bible and the Degrading emphasize the concerns about ten elves AT ten weak Ana ameliorates. According to ten Bide, “you snail not wrong a sojourner… You shall not mistreat any widow or fatherless child”, and violation of this rule leads to a very strict punishment – death of abuser, so his family can suffer the same fate as the mistreated people (Exodus 22:22-25). While a punishment is not an option for the Degrading, it still calls for protection of weak to maintain the natural balance: “to preserve what is weak is called strength” (Chapter 52).

Comparing the 10 Commandments and Holiness Code with the Degrading teachings can be a quite complex process. While both of the texts set up some kind of moral code to follow, the Bible’s stories call for some actions or forbid the others, and the Degrading sets its teachings on accomplishing the harmony through non-action. Fist one threatens with punishment for breaking the rules and leaving the path of obedience to the God, the later implies that rules do not matter as long as the harmony and the balance are achieved.

The Bible requires studying and understanding the Holiness Code, as well as needs proper interpretation to match the stories and their meanings to the modern times. The Designing concern is that the studying will forsake any chances of attaining the harmony since knowledge will only raise more questions and, therefore, will cause the dissemblance. Depending on the society and the type of faith it follows, each one of those books can be a sacred reading that defines the actions of people throughout their lives or simply can become a cause of misunderstandings and confusion.

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