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Comparison of a significant thing in two different films of the same genre Paper





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Comparing a Significant Thing in Two Different Films of the same Genre

Goodfellas and Scarface are two films classified in the crime genre. This article discusses the aspect of sidekicks and their roles in the respective crime films. Scarface (1983) is a film directed by Brian De Palma. Its screenplay was written by Oliver Stone, while, Martin Bregman produced it. Scarface stars Al Pacino as ‘Tony Montana.’ The film details the rise of Montana from being a Cuban refugee to a drug lord. Goodfellas, on the other hand, is a film directed by Martin Scorsese. The film stars Ray Liotta as ‘Henry Hill’ and Robert De Niro as ‘Jimmy Conway’. Goodfellas tells the story of the rise and fall of the Lucchese crime family and its associates. This article explains the significance of a sidekick, in both plots.

In Scarface, Manny plays the role of sidekick to Montana. Manny’s relationship with the main character, Montana, is strong. Their previous lives as military men portray this fact. Manny risks his life by freeing them from the refugee camp to show his strong friendship bond with Montanna. Similar to Scarface, the main character and his sidekicks in Goodfellas have an excellent relationship. Henry Hill and his sidekick Tommy Devito have a strong friendship. The murder of Billy Batts, by the three men, portrays this, when they choose to keep this a secret. The history of their relationship is long, similar to Scarface.

Scarface displays Manny Ribera as a violent sidekick. He is stereotyped as an angry character that will stop at nothing. This is similar to the main character, Tony Montana. This fact is justified in several instances. For instance, he kills Mr. Rebenga. The film Goodfellas also portrays the Devito and main characters as violent people. Tommy, a sidekick to Henry, brutally murders Billy Batts. Additionally, both characters have a knack of making rash decisions they know will affect them adversely, but they still make them anyway. For example, Manny runs away with Montana’s sister, this action sours the relationship between him and Montanna. As a result, Montana resorts to killing him regardless of their friendship. In Goodfellas, Tommy’s decision to kill Batts, leads to his death, in the hands of the Lucchese family.

However, even though both are ruthless killers who engage in criminal activities, there is a significant difference in their conscience. In this regard, Tommy was a more ruthless character who sometimes killed people for his own amusement. Manny, on the other hand, engages in merciless killings to settle the score with people who have crossed his line. He sometimes shows guilt feelings for the wrongs he has done. For example, in a scene, he goes to visit his family and reveals his emotions.

Trust is important in the relationship between a main character and his sidekick in both films. In the film, Scarface, Montana maintains a lot of trust in his sidekick. He allows Manny to take care of important drug supplies, as well as securing, the house. As the plot unfolds, this sense of trust seems to wear off with time. Manny’s growing resentment, of Montana’s pride, partially accounts for this. Montana’s addiction to cocaine accentuates this. At the end, the trust is completely broken, between the two. In Goodfellas, a great sense of trust develops between the main character and his sidekicks. In a way similar to Scarface, the sense of trustworthiness gradually fades away. Jimmy becomes increasingly suspicious, of those around him, after Tommy’s death. During a court case against Jimmy, his sidekick, Henry testifies against him, leading to his sentencing. The total breakdown in trust is seen when Jimmy intends to have Henry killed.

Ultimately, Tommy Devito in the movie Goodfellas and Manny Ribera in the movie Scarface bring out the aspect of sidekicks in both settings. They both pledge allegiance to the main character in both movies as the master and his sidekick exhibit trust and friendship between them. However, the dealings they engage have high stakes. Lust, murders, drugs, and bootlegging eventually take their toll in the bonds between the masters and their sidekicks and the relationship is compromised.

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