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Comparing Tap Dancing with Clogging Essay

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Listen to my feet and I will tell you the story of my life. Tap dancing and clogging are very similar but have many different characteristics. The shoes, choreography, and sounds are some of the differences, but there are also similarities. Using the shoes and your feet can create an amazing sound. One thing that tap and clogging have in common is that they both involve using your feet against the floor to create the tapping sounds. The shoes are also similar but not the same. They both have taps on the sole and heel of the shoe, that when they are hit against the ground, they create the “tap” sound. Though they have a little difference, their purpose is the same. Tap and clogging both use the sounds and rhythms to accompany the music the people are dancing to. That’s another thing, both allow any age or gender to participate. Whatever the skill level, there is something for everyone. Both dances have the same dance moves, though they may have different names, they still are making the same sounds. Meticulously using intricate sounds with the shoes to make something amazing with the simple use of your feet.[?This crams a lot of information into a short space. Devote one paragraph to the shoes in a physical sense-both similarities and differences. Then move on to another point of comparison-the similarities and differences in the sounds they make, similarities and differences in dance moves, etc.]

Tap and clogging have several differences as well. One being the structure of the shoes. A tap shoe has one tap on the ball of the shoe and one on the heel. The taps are screwed tightly in three different places to insure that there are no mushy sounds, again being the clear cut sounds. Tap also uses more of the rhythms and off beats of the music to accent them to add more dynamics to the song and dance. Clogging, on the other hand, has more of a jingle sound to the steps. Like tap shoes, clogs have taps as well, but there is an extra ta…

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Comparing Tap Dancing with Clogging Comparing Tap Dancing with Clogging Comparing Tap Dancing with Clogging

Comparing Tap Dancing with Clogging

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