Comparing and Contrasting between Certified Nurse-Midwife and Certified Midwife Every profession has its ain beauty. Nursing is a professional industry with duty for of import undertakings in medical systems. For a long clip. professional “nurses” . particularly midwife nurses. were considered low-status ; they normally did the excess work as helpers in the ground forces. They helped with cleansing. cookery. wash. etc. A 2012 research by Marjie Bloy found that Florence Nightingale is presented as a public wellness nurse to advance the modern industry.

Because she was the kid of a affluent household. Nightingale’s parents were surprised and defeated when she decided to go a nurse. Then she demanded medical attention betterments for the hapless and the industry bit by bit took of import stairss to assist nurses in wellness professional ranks. There are several misinterpretations between what a Certified Nurse-midwife and Certified Midwife are. This essay will analyse this confusion by comparing and contrasting between Certified Nurse Midwives and Certified Midwives.

Why I Want To Be A Midwife Essay

First of all. to understand clearly what Certified Nurse Midwife and Certified Midwife are. we will look at their definitions. Harmonizing to Hartley Heather. a Certified Nurse Midwife is an single trained and licensed in both nursing and obstetrics. whereas a Certified Midwife is an single trained and certified in obstetrics merely. Second. what study way should pupils follow if they would wish to go Midwife? The demand for admittance to the Midwifery Education Program for CNM is rather different to CM.

In her article Different way.

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chances. Susan Trossman describes the difference. the demand for Admission to Midwifery Education Program between CM and CNM: a CM needs a Bachelor’s grade from an commissioned college or university and successful completion of specific scientific discipline classs. while in CNM. there are 2 instances. If the applier has a bachelor’s grade. but non an RN licence. some plans will necessitate attainment of an RN licence prior to entry into the midwife plan ; others will let the pupil to achieve an RN licence prior to graduate survey.

However. if the applier is an RN but doesn’t have a bachelor’s grade. some plans provide a span plan to a bachelor’s grade prior to the obstetrics part of the plan. Other plans require a bachelor’s grade before entry into the obstetrics plan. In add-on. after analyzing for 5 old ages. the grade the pupils are granted are quite different: the CM will hold a Master’s grade ; whereas. the CNM will hold a Master’s or Doctoral grade.

Finally. after acquiring Licensed. Jolivet Rima maintained in her article Nurse-Midwives committed to adult females throughout the lifetime that although CNMs are licensed in all 50 provinces plus the District of Columbia and US districts. CMs are merely licensed in New Jersey. New York. and Rhode Island. A 2002 diary by Lois McClosky said CNMs would work in Boardss of Nursing. Boardss of Midwifery/Nurse-Midwifery. Board of Midwifery. Board of Medicine. and Department of Health. Unlike CNMs. nevertheless. CMs would work in Board of Midwifery. Board of Medicine. and Department of Health.

On the other manus. in her diary. Lisa L Paine describes what CNMs and CMs have in common. First of all. they both portion the Clinical Experience Skills Requirement which includes the direction of primary attention for adult females throughout the lifetime. including generative wellness attention. gestation. and birth ; attention of the normal neonate ; and direction of sexually transmitted infections in male spouses. Second. CNMs. like CMs. Saraswathi Vedam wrote that both are independent direction of women’s wellness attention through the lifetime. from adolescence through climacteric.

Finally. a 2006 article narrative by Michelle Nolin Flewell discusses the similarities of work topographic points. CNMs and CMs both work in infirmaries. birth centres. places. and offices. The bulk of CNMs and CMs attend to births in infirmaries. In decision. the differences between Certified Nurse Midwives and Certified Midwifes are: definitions. analyze waies and licensures. However. they portion some similarities such as Clinical Experience Requirement. Range of Care Provided. and Practice Settings.

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