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Essay Engine Essay

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When buying a vehicle, people have a lot of different things to look at.Brands, types, body styles, and fuel efficiency are all things that someone needs to consider.In recent years the type of engine that one buys has also become another thing to consider.With diesel engines becoming more popular more people are being persuaded towards them every day people could easily become confused in which of the engines they would want to buy.When comparing a gas and diesel engine, three important details to look into are efficiency and performance, reliability, and cost.

With today’s fuel prices, fuel economy is something that almost everyone is concerned with.In diesel engines the mileage is typically 25% to 30% higher than gas engines of the same size and vehicle model.This is due to diesel fuel being denser than gasoline.Although gas engines have lower mileage numbers, gas prices are cheaper than diesel.Diesel engines also have different performance ratings compared to gas.Diesel engines are known for their high torque output.In the Ford Super Duty series there are two engine options: a 6.7 liter turbo dieseland a 6.2 liter gas engine.When comparing these engines a person will find that the diesel engine has a horsepower rating of 390 horses(1st generation) and the gas is rated at 385 horses.The deciding factor here is the torque ratings with the diesel engine getting 735 foot pounds while the gas gets 405 foot pounds. This addition in torque helps the truck to accelerate and significantly increases the towing capabilities compared to the gas.Although the gas engines numbers are falling off a bit in this comparison it still has perks.A gas engine will have more throttle response and a still higher acceleration compared to the diesel.In simpler terms a Diesel engine can be compared to a clydesdale, slower but strong.On the other hand a gas engine would be a Thoroughbred racehorse, quick and fast.But wit…

Gas Prices Essay

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Essay Engine

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