The following sample essay on Al Ain Water tells about internet technology.

A website refers to any interface in a computer that offers people a chance to sell themselves or enlighten people on their activities. It emulates an online brochure presented to the whole world for twenty four hours a day throughout the year. Websites form the easiest and fastest means to help a company optimize its sales. It breaks the glass ceiling of turn over by allowing the company to reach people from all corners of the world.

With the current advances in internet technology, websites can be made to look as dynamic as technically possible.

Companies try to outdo each other in ensuring their sites avail their clients with all the relevant information they need and in the best way possible. Masafi and Al Ain are water companies faced the same challenge of selling their products to the entire world market. In this line, Masafi has developed a website to market its goods and services referred to as masafi.

com while Al Ain has one referred to as Despite offering the same products, the two entities have different websites to reach potential clients.



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