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College Essay on Customer Relationship Management Paper

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What is Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management is actually a broad term which covers most concepts widely embraced by companies in order to effectively handle their business relationships with clients including capturing, storing, and analyzing the customers information. However, the clients data collected as part of the CRM ought to consider the customers data security and privacy. This is because customers need some assurance that their gathered and stored data are not shared with market rivals or even with third parties devoid of their approval and consequently not illegally accessed by third parties. In fact, clients aspire that any data that is amicably used by a company should provide benefits to them. CRM describes a firm’s wide business strategies and it is through gathering and storing large amounts of customers’ data that customers privacy rights are violated.

Approach to curb CRM customer’s privacy rights violations

It is eminent that the collection and utilization of the collected data by most companies has often resulted into the violation of the clients’ privacy rights. A very good example of the CRM application that germinated into inappropriate handling of the customers’ privacy is where various gathered information are put in a single database that can be fully accessed by everyone who uses the company’s CRM database. The violation of the clients privacy rights can be cordially addressed through a role based security approach which must fit in the company’s guidelines that dictates the customers’ privacy. Basically, this plan proposes that a company should map the existing compliance requirements and business processes and equally adopt the current practices. In CRM databases, every record seems to have various fields that include confidential information not necessarily of the clients alone, but also those of the business operation and sales teams.

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The ensuing advantage of gathering information in a particular database is to offer crystal clear images of each client’s relationships with the company, mutually in terms of potential future actions and past behaviors. Nevertheless, the role based CRM minimizes the chances of everyone who uses the CRM database to have full access to the company’s database. It is indeed not a good business to have sales representatives, support personnel, warehouse workers, consultants, and the C-level executives to have full access to the CRM database. Further, it perhaps crafts a security risk if the consultants have full access to the clients’ data because they could be working for other market rivals. In many instances, it is not very uncommon for a company to see its client’s records being transported to other firms when disgruntled employees quit. Thus, ensuring that clients’ records have privacy measures does not necessarily imply shutting out the user completely or forcing them to get permission each moment they want to use the CRM system. Instead, through making a role based security structure, privacy controls would be kept primed without a company sacrificing its productivity.

When instituting the role based security structure, the following must be taken into consideration:

Role playing

The concept of role based security seems to be fairly straightforward. For instance, an administrator needs to block out everyone and only allow CRM database information viewing on basis of the user’s functions or roles within the company. In fact, to apply a role based structural process, a company needs to set authorizations for different database users so as to ensure that every individual only have access to the information deemed appropriate or essential for his or her position. The company might decide to allow senior marketing executives to see specific client related data or release any sales order notes to the sales president and not to any one else.

Tailor shop

The way a company might choose to limit record viewing access entirely depends on a factor like the company’s culture. Despite the fact that many companies see role based security approach as a hindrance to collaboration and discussion between various departments, there must not exist any choice between collaboration and security. The key issue should be having clear configuration and guidelines that restricts information viewing in manner that makes sense.


CRM has played a significant role in helping customers and companies to have long-lasting relationships. It has further enhanced activities appertaining to customers’ service delivery, technical support, and marketing. However, the accruing challenges, complexities, and poor usability associated with CRM have resulted into sacrificing the clients’ information privacy rights. Therefore, to ensure that customers’ information is properly secured or stored, there is the need for companies to embrace the role based security structure. This merely involves setting flexible rules that restricts access to the company’s database systems.

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