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Coaching Special Populations Essay


The report that I will discuss is assessments on the coaching methods that had been conducted in the coaching session for special population, reflecting on what had occurred during the session, and evaluate the process, principal and practice of the session. Looking at myself and reflect and evaluate my performance as a coach, and covering areas that may be needed to improve upon, this coaching report will be on coaching special population, there will be brief information on the sport and the special population that will be participating, the visually impaired is the special population that had participated in the coaching session for Goalball.

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Visually Impaired

Is a person that lost their sight of vision and cannot be corrected using glasses or contact lenses, it is estimated that there are as many as two million people in the UK living with sight problems. (Nhs.uk, 2015)


It was designed as a rehabilitation program for visually impaired world war ll veterans, developed by Hanz Lorenzen and Sepp Reindl in 1946. It objects of scoring a goal by bowling the ball with bells along the floor crossing the goal line of the defending team, the defending team must prevent the ball crossing their line, all players must be totally blind folded. (Goalball UK, 2015) By applying a session plan in had helped me to evaluate what is needed to be implemented towards catering for the visually impaired participants, by using a functional map created by the (APA). (Ferreira, Morgulec-Adamowicz, 2012)


“In order to deliver safe, effective and fun coaching session for your participants you will have to plan”. (McQuade, Graham and McQuade, 2003) Planning is considered by many professionals as challenging part of coaching an athlete with a disability, it needs responsible and carful preparation of a coaching session for a successful and safe instruction for the session. (Ferreira, Morgulec-Adamowicz, 2012)



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