Clothespin Experiment

Facilitator tells participant, “You are to squeeze the clothespin as many times as you can for 1 minute using only your index finger and thumb. As you squeeze the clothespin, count how many times you are able to. With 10 seconds remaining, you will receive a warning. ” 2. Allow participant to begin when facilitators starts the stopwatch and says “Begin. ” At 50 seconds, the facilitator must provide the 10 second warning saying, “You have 10 seconds remaining. ” 3. At the end of the minute, the facilitator will take the clothespin, cord the number of clothespin squeezes, and wait 20 seconds.

. At 20 seconds, the participant will do 30 jumping jacks. 5. After the 30 jumping jacks, the facilitator will give the clothespin back to the participant and will start the one minute timer. 6. Repeat steps 2 and 3 In this experiment, controlled variables include using the same clothespin, using the index finger and thumb to hold the clothespin, and all participants receiving the “10 second” warning. The independent variable of the experiment is the jumping jacks performed by the participant.

The dependent arable of the experiment is the number of squeezes of the clothespin in one minute.

Data Collected: The data that was collected from this experiment does support the hypothesis. The hypothesis States that the participant will squeeze the clothespin fewer times after exercising because exercising takes energy, making squeezing the clothespin harder as less energy is getting to cells. Suggestions for Improvement: An error that could have occurred in this experiment is the inconsistency of how long it takes for the participant to do one jumping jack.

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This error is mainly based on human variety.

Three additional variables that may have influenced the outcome of the experiment are age of participants, physical condition of participants, and the possibility of dropping the clothespin during the trial, causing the participant to restart the test. Suggestions for Further Research: Two other investigations that can be done are testing which arm muscle groups get fatigued while squeezing the clothespin and what exercise drains the most energy from the participant. To further support this experiment’s findings, the trials can be performed with a more diverse group of participants.

Clothespin Squeezing Lab

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