Cirque Du Freak Book Review

Vampire theme addictive. Ordinary enough in everyday life, philosophy in mind before going to sleep … well, this time to read 500 pages for one, smeared by the book clever thoughts or dipped in realism is not desirable. Fantasy require soul, adventure and humor. All of this can be found in this work. I think many people know that a series of filmed and perhaps many watched the film. Personally, I liked it, because it wanted to read the original source. The discrepancies in the story minor language easy, no boring pages of reflections on the 5 of that, about this (though the book in the first person)

As for the plot -.

Schoolboy named Darren lives measured life, something he he is not happy with something he is quite satisfied. He has a good family, my friends … But change poster that says the submission Cirque Du Freak. Darren and his best friend go together in the circus, from that moment the life of the main character is changing.

Firstly, it is an avid paukoman, of course, the guy could not resist a handsome pulled poisonous spider … sho finally. I brought home, and they would live happily ever after, no bite “new friend” Steve, that same friend.

Darren stood before a difficult choice – either a vampire, whom he kidnapped spider, help with the antidote and Darren will become half-vampire or die, Steve. Good boy donates a happy life (yes, he immediately understands how great he lived up to all this turbidity) for a friend, then crumpled, wrinkled, escapes from Crepsley (vampire) home.

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I thought tricked ginger. But no, it awaken the instincts and the ability to manifest … Darren realizes that he was doomed, and agrees to become an assistant Crepsley … Books in the series just a cloud. In my opinion, is not less than 8. Read their will, I hope, like me as much as this. To recommend reading)

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Cirque Du Freak Book Review
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