The ballroom dance scene is the one that I analyzed in the movie Cinderella (2015). However, I did watch the whole movie it was a lovely film “Have courage and be kind”[ CITATION Cin15 l 1033 ] what a beautiful quote. This scene’s lighting is in low-key this is also considered a long shot although there are several different camera positions. The dance starts with a close-up of Cinderella’s face and then the prince’s face as she tells him everybody is looking at you, and he says no they are all looking at you.

Moreover, then the camera goes to a medium close-up. Because the characters are visible from head to chest then it goes to a long shot the characters are recognizable in setting and visible from head to toe. When Cinderella has a close-up you can see the crystals in her hair, it would be called a prop there are several props used in this scene. Actors are not part of the mise en scene.

However, their costumes are. Moreover, they had beautiful costumes they were made to look like princesse dresses in all different colors of the rainbow.

The dance scene was considered a long take because it lasted longer than a minute. Because there is no cut to do another shot from my observation and there were elaborate camera arrangements to avoid a long static shot. They used a technique called rocking focus. There were tracking shots made while the camera is moving on a dolly or on individual tracks that is to follow the moving of the characters.

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Additionally, with all the different camera angles and movements from going in and out you can see all the different props from candlelight, mirrors, and the candlelight would reflect from the mirrors. You could see every detail in Cinderella’s dress and the other women actors they use props in their hair.

Cinderella 2015 Ballroom

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