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The following sample essay on the demand for a customized Integrated Parish Management Solution for the Church. My proposal is to supply you with an Integrated Parish Management Solution which will synchronise all direction processes including attending records, church activities records, fiscal records, rank personal informations etc. The demand for a customized Integrated Parish Management Solution for the Church can non be over emphatic because the solution will be tailored in work outing your church’s alone demands. The Incorporate Solution would present a individual database incorporating informations for the different package faculties to be developed.

The faculties that would be developed are:

  • Financial Faculty
  • Manage Contributions.

Search Cash Expenses. Manage Offering Types. etc. Church Activity Module-Would provide the functionality of Searching Past Activities. New Church Activity. Testimonies. New testimony. Manage Activity Types etc. Membership and People Management Module – Would supply the functionality of Searching for Parish members. new members. Membership by Type. New Converts. Search for First-Timers. etc. Groups and Department Module – Would Pull off Groups.

Manage Departments Activities. etc. Report Faculty -would give Attendance study. Fiscal Report. Membership Detail Report. etc. We are cognizant that your fold members are your most valuable assets and purpose to guarantee that you are able to supply them with that personal and intimate attention required for deep committedness and trueness on the portion of the parishioners.

Our solution aims to help the church in the undermentioned countries:

•Membership Personal Information Management

•Church public presentation analysis and Coverage

•Easy Access to All Information about Every Individual

•Reducing Membership Outflow

•Building Enduring Personal relationship with the Members

•Solve all Record Keeping Issues

•Manage All Financial Records

•Visual and Graphic Illustration of the Church Performance Per Time

•High Security and Back Up Strategy

•Effective Follow-up system for new Converts and First -timers

We propose to deploy a robust Integrated Church direction Solution.

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This solution will concentrate chiefly on incorporating all cardinal Church direction procedures and will ensue in ultimate member satisfaction with your services by supplying a fast and efficient rank follow-up scheme. This is why our Integrated Parish Management Solution is designed to help you to efficaciously tackle information about your Members. Curates. Workers. all Department and Group in the church. and other resources which should interpret to better

Background Today. even with the digital transmutation that the universe is undergoing. legion churches still use manual record maintaining systems. Every record get downing with members’ inside informations all the manner to the really delicate fiscal inside informations are kept manually. A instance survey conducted at King’ong’o PCEA parish at Nyeri prove that churches are still in the parallel universe despite the chase of the word to the digital highs. The church is an of all time turning entity. More people are converted and more kids are born into Christian places. Gone are the yearss when curates. shepherds. priests. bishops and the likes knew each and every member of his church personally.

Churchs are no longer merely families. grades are offered. histories are kept. people are wedded and the public assistance of members is accompanied to. Imagine what a professional football squad would be like without a regimen of pattern drills? Now take away their playbook and participant statistics. What you have in this utmost scenario are extremely talented ( and possibly overpaid ) persons take parting in organized pandemonium. They might really win a game or two. but in the long tally. this squad is doomed. This illustration is to drive place the point of why any organisation demands to analyze the being and effectivity of its direction systems. The universe is going Information and technologically based.

For this ground. Management Systems have been introduced into assorted industries runing from the educational to the wellness sector and even into agribusiness amongst other things. A direction Information System is a system to change over informations from internal and external beginnings into information. in an appropriate signifier. to direction at all degrees in all maps to enable them to do timely and effectual determinations for planning. directing and commanding the activities for which they are response. The Church is non excluded from these industries.

The Church Management and Information System is a system for churches to pull off their operations expeditiously and consistently ( Wikipedia. 2012 ) . It is besides a specialised package that assists churches in organisation and mechanization of day-to-day operations. Current System

King’ong’o PCEA uses a to the full manual system of maintaining all its records. Fiscal records. which need a batch of transparence and answerability. are kept in manus written paperss. A batch of minutess affecting money are carried out by the parish. For case. pull offing contributions from church members and sympathizers. pull offing offerings and tithes by members. seeking and pull offing hard currency disbursals by the church etc. All the fiscal inside informations are kept manually which is cumbrous and prone to errors. Defects can easy happen with this system doing it non dependable ad naming for a redress. The church besides needs to maintain path of activities that take topographic point in the church every twenty-four hours.

For case. seeking past activities by the parish. freshly integrated church activities. testimonies. new testimonies. pull offing activity types etc. Other things besides need record maintaining like pull offing people and the issue of rank to the church. In this instance. records for new members. new converts. First-timers etc. necessitate to be kept. With the bing system. seeking the records is cumbrous and time-consuming. Records of groups and sections associating to the church ought to be maintained for the benefit of the church.

Department activities need to be decently recorded and updated consequently and retrieved as per the church direction demands. Retrieval of these records is difficult since they are kept in files in written paperss. Recovering a record involves perusing through a immense figure of files. A batch of clip is wasted recovering manual records. Reports need to be kept and retrieved as per the demands of church directors. For case. attending studies for church members. fiscal studies after a certain sum of clip. rank inside informations study etc. Reports for the bing system involves traveling through relevant records manually and coming up with the needed studies. This is cumbrous and time-wasting.


A package system is proposed to replace the manual system for maintaining records. A fiscal faculty is used to automatize fiscal record maintaining and retrieval. A database is used to hive away fiscal inside informations of the parish. An interface is provided for interacting with the database whereby a user can compose into the database and they can question the database as per their demands. Financial information maintaining is made easy through this package solution and besides seeking of fiscal inside informations made even more easier through the proposed package.

Through an Activity faculty. day-to-day activities in the church are stored in a database which is updated to encompass new activities. A platform for pass oning to the database is offered where the user ( authorized ) interacts with the database ( writes into the database and queries the database ) . With the new system. activities in the church are recorded in database tabular arraies and can ever be retrieved with their several day of the months via questions. A batch of valuable clip is saved through the new system. Departments are automated utilizing a section faculty.

This faculty offers an interface for come ining inside informations of involvement into the database. Since departmental inside informations are of premier importance in every bit far as the church is concerned. proper inside informations associating to the Parish ought to be kept and retrieved with easiness. The user hunts records associating to a section of involvement with a batch of easiness through the interface provided by the departments’ faculty.

The awkwardness with the manual system would therefore be alleviated by the proposed package solution. Report coevals with the proposed system is automated ( made alarmingly easy ) through the Report faculty. This is done through incorporating database SQL capabilities into the package. Fiscal studies. activity studies etc. can be generated through merely pressing a button which will give prompts to the user on the studies they want.

The tyre and the ennui associated with perusing through records to pull a study are wholly eradicated through the proposed package solution. The assorted faculties defined with different functionalities are integrated to organize a harmoniously and efficaciously working package to go to the manual job of maintaining Parish records.

Problem statement Keeping records manually is utterly cumbersome since it involves handwriting or typing every item of involvement. Managing physical records is cumbrous since storage infinite is needed and they can be affected by natural fortunes such as plagues and unfavourable environment. Additionally. roll uping studies for physical ( manual ) records is non an easy undertaking since it involves walking through all records and pulling information of involvement.

A batch of forces is needed to maintain records for the different church sections and keep them and this comes with higher costs due to rewards for the record keepers. King’ong’o PCEA Parish is one of the victims of the above mentioned jobs which the proposed system wishes to supply a redress for.

Scope The ensuing Integrated Parish Management Solution will be in English and will include subsystems and functionality to back up the followers: FINANCIAL MODULE The Financial Module comes with the right tools to help in the church in direction of the followers: •Contributions and Contributions •Offerings and tithes •Cash Expense and lots Donations direction is a cardinal country in this faculty as single contributions by members and linked to the major contributions which help to reply inquiries like ( How much has being released from a peculiar contribution proclamation ) The offering direction allows the church to enter any sort of offering type. therefore non curtailing you to any signifier of predefined construction.


Grouping system encourages the engagement of members in the church. church+ takes particular attention in the execution of grouping. the system comes with a flexible system for any signifier of group to be created by the users and members added to groups. Members of a given group can be managed from this faculty.


Activities in the church provide a edifice block to about all the other parts of the church and as such should be good structured and informations emerging from it efficaciously managed. The church activity faculty provides you with the tools to enable you to pull off the assorted diverse informations about church activities. it is built in such a manner as to be flexible to suit different needed of different churches.


This faculty helps to pull off the assorted information of member of the church. This characteristic is so flexible and you can work on it harmonizing to your specific demands and demand. Under this faculty. we have all the personal informations of each member. You can seek for:


•Add new Member/First-Timer. When you add new member. all the informations about that peculiar member is captured

•View Members by Types: it helps to screen members by types e. g. are they full member? Worker? Minister? Etc.

•New converts: all new converts are captured here.

Security Integrated parish Management Solution will be good incorporate. intending that alterations in a faculty would automatically update another related faculty. High degree hallmark will be needed to log into the Integrated Parish Management Solution. Passwords are encrypted. such that it is practically impossible to derive entree to someone’s watchword. Role Management is besides implemented doing your church users have different entree degrees. hence doing “users see merely what they are supposed to see” .


The importance of making a backup can ne’er be emphasized plenty. The parish’s IT section will be responsible for implementing modus operandis for regular backup of organization’s informations. In the event of a possible system clang. it will be clip -consuming and hard to retrace the database. For frequent plan usage I therefore recommend that backups are taken daily.

Storing backups Backups can be taken to the hard-drive. a shared booklet in the web or to external media such as USB pen thrusts. Zip drives or similar. I recommend that you store at least one complete backup offprint from the computing machine in instance of catastrophe. Provision for external difficult thrust storage has been integrated in the financials.

Justification A package solution for the named job would be really appropriate compared to the bing system. The undermentioned grounds justify the demand for the package solution: ?The tyre associated with doing records manually and keeping them would be alleviated. The Integrated Parish Management Solution would offer a batch of easiness in entering any inside informations of involvement. The package would offer an first-class interface to interact with the Parish database ( come ining new inside informations and updating bing inside informations to guarantee unity ) . As a consequence of the easiness of entering and updating informations. the job of tyre associated with informations care would be eradicated by the proposed Integrated Parish Management solution.

?Parish forces cost would travel down every bit a consequence of execution of the Proposed Integrated Parish Management Software. With the old system. a batch of forces is required to maintain and keep Parish records which culminates in higher Parish running costs. The Proposed system would name for decreased forces due to the ensuing easiness in maintaining and keep Parish records and accordingly. the running costs of the parish would significantly cut down.

?Accurate and dependable fiscal records would be kept utilizing the proposed system through the fiscal faculty which would supply security to fiscal inside informations and merely let entree merely by authorised persons. This would advance some degree of transparence and answerability in the handling of Parish fundss compared to the bing manual system which can be easy tampered with. For case. with the manual system paperss reflecting fiscal inside informations of the Parish can be distorted by H2O or plagues. Malicious persons can take advantage of such a state of affairs to perpetrate fraud.

?With the proposed system. departmental direction is easy. All Parish sections and the activities that revolve around the sections are good recorded and updated consequently. Groups in the Parish are every bit good better managed through the propose Integrated Parish Management solution. This is unlike the old system where a director or Parish caput has to physically interact with departmental caputs to acquire the needed information. The proposed solution offers a redress for the mentioned departmental and group-related issues. ?Reports. which are of premier importance in every bit far as running of any organisation is concerned. are automatically generated by the Proposed Integrated Parish direction Software.

For case. fiscal minutess by the Parish harmonizing to the several day of the months. Parish activities harmonizing to the day of the month of happening etc. can be automatically generated with the proposed Solution. This eradicates the weariness associated with traveling for long times through paperss and files seeking to roll up a study that would otherwise be generated within a wink of an oculus with the proposed system. ?Keeping path of members of the Parish would reasonably easy with the proposed system. Records of old and new members would maintain and do easy to recover.

New converts would besides be portion of the informations that would be maintained and made easy to entree and modify in instance of sezession of a member from the church. This manner. the Parish would pull off its members better than utilizing the manual registry system.

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