Christopher Hill English Civil War

As a prolific historian and scholar of 17th century England, Christopher Hill has taken a unique historical perspective on the Civil War and its manifestations.He perceives the revolution as being a bourgeois insurrection .He also believes that this is the reason for the shaping of England since that time. In 1913 R. G Usher wrote: “The English Revolution of 1640 is as much an enigma today as it was to Charles.It is a riddle, which has to be solved.No one has tried to solve it because all assumed it was solved be repeating the Grand Remonstrance.

Every Englishman born since 1800 has…been born into a view of English history. Christopher Hill did his part to dissect the Revolution and make sense of it.The following will describe some of his findings on the subject. This paper will demonstrate Hill’s unprecedented knowledge and understanding of the events in the 17th century.It will look extensively at some of his works, namely: Some Intellectual Consequences of the English Revolution, Change and Continuity in 17th Century England, The Good Old Cause 1640-1660, and hisfirst book The English Revolution 1640 .

Hill’s interpretation that three main people influenced the revolution will also be demonstrated in this paper. He was born in York in 1912 as John Edward Christopher Hill.While attending college in the 1930’s, Hill embraced Marxism, an ideology that focuses on struggles between the different social classes.This is where how he based his interpretation of the revolution.Later, he attributed the revolution to this by citing the middle class upheaval as being the primary source.

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He has also produced exceptional books that probe subjects such as the Anglican Church and Puritanism.Hill was also a member of the Historians Group of the Communist Party (HGCP).Some of the other members included an extraordinary group, namely Rodney Hilton, Eric Honsbawm, and E.P. Thompson.Hill and …

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