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Christmas Eve Paper

The train is full of hundreds of people waiting for the same destination as mine. I look around to see if there are any seats available but all I see is people pushing and shoving as if they were a herd of sheep’s. I could hear people muttering rude comments at each other like a crowd of bees buzzing towards me. I see a man that lives on my street, I push towards him. As I get closer I can smell a cheesy odour, remembering how awful his scent is, I slowly try to make my way away from him hoping that he doesn’t see me. I hear a voice say, ‘Next stop Bond Street’ I can feel all the excitement in the air, there’s silence in the train, but I can hear heart beats pumping faster and faster. The train stops.Everyone runs towards the stores as if the worlds about to end. While people push and shove their way threw I get effortlessly tossed off the train. I reach a street full of department stores and food places. The Christmas decorations beautifully hang from lamp posts and trees. I feel the Christmas atmosphere around me, filling me with joy and excitement; lights falling from the trees make the street even brighter than before.I intend to go Subway and get a quick and easy sandwich, so I can get started with all the shopping. I look around but don’t see a Subway at sight, I hear stall men shout,’Get your ice cream here”Get your hot dogs hear’But none sound appealing, the smell of doughnuts attract me. I start to see shoppers with hot, creamy, mouth watering doughnuts in their hands as if it were all planned. I walk towards Zara, to see if the smell gets stronger. I hear,’Get you doughnuts heeee…’The voice starts to fade away; I trace my steps back, like a detective looking for clues. I start to hear the stall man again, this time much clearer. I look to my right and there he stands just a walking distance away, calling out to me. The shoppers around me carry enormous bulging carrier bags, all advertising, Zara, Gap, and Fcuk. There’s no room to walk in between the market stalls. For a second I feel as if I were in India between the everyday hustle and bustle.I decide to take the anxious attitude everyone else has, like a lizard changing its colours. I barge my way through and try to get to my goal, the doughnut stall. I finally reach the stall, I feel as if I have just won a marathon.I hold the, freshly made, hot, soft as a cushion, doughnut in my hand as if it were a trophy. Just the look of it made my taste buds jump with excitement. I wait and admire the doughnut, my nose now filled with a mixture of smells as people walk pass with other types of food. My hands start to get sticky due to the icing; I hold the doughnut to my mouth and take a big delicious, chocolaty bite. My taste buds dance with joy, tingling with the sweet aroma of chocolate. As the soft bread particles dissolve in my saliva, I hold up the doughnut for another bite. This time I go for a bigger one, my teeth break through the icing and slowly pass the bread. I gradually repeat my actions on the rest of the doughnut. Once I finish I crave more.

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