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China-Japan relations and the views of news organizagions Essay

Recently, Anti-Japanese protest has peaked in China due to Japan's approval of high school history textbooks that contain significant revision and whitewash of its brutal actions towards China and Korea during WWII. At the same time Japan is trying to win a permanent seat on an expanded United Nations Security Council. China, being a member of the permanent United Nations Security Council, exercises veto against Japan's effort. Two news organizations; New York Times and Washington Post, Blogsforbush.com and Chamsarang.com, an anti-war community in Korea have slightly different approaches to the issue. First, I will briefly summarize the history that had led the tension between the three nations in order to give some insight on the origin of anti-Japan movement, then discuss the different approaches that media has on Japan's current action on the approval of inadequate textbooks, and China's objection and standpoint on Japan's effort to win the Security Council.
Both China and Korea long accused Japan for not apologizing for brutally invading its neighbor countries and the tension between the countries that still exists today. The Nanjing massacre was perhaps the best remembered and most infamous event in the Japanese invasion of China that killed nearly 300,000 citizens and soldiers. In addition to the huge number of deaths, over the course of weeks following the fall of Nanjing, Japanese troops engaged in an orgy of rape, murder, theft, and arson. Historians estimates that tens of thousands of women from as young as 7 to the elderly were raped. Rapes were often performed in public during the day and often in front of spouses or family members. The rape was systemized in a process where soldiers would search door to door for young girls. Many women were taken captive to be gang raped and some were kept to be raped again. It was common for a woman to be killed immediately after being raped usually by mutilati…

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