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Children and Team Activities Essay

Schools all over the world have some type of team sports program in their agendas. Whether it is football, baseball, softball, track, soccer, swim sports, basketball, or the many other choices, students simply can’t get enough of the feelings and spirit that comes along with the game. Although many students perform in these sports, many also choose not to. Whether they think they are not good enough, scared of embarrassment, or just too lazy, they miss out on the wonderful opportunity to be a part of something bigger than their selves. Team sports can have tremendous effects on children. As a member of a team sport, children learn to be social, take criticism, and grow as an individual.

Going to school can be very stressful for kids. One problem that many children have is making friends. No matter how pretty, funny, smart, or athletic a child may be, making friends can be difficult. Being involved in a team sport encourages youngsters to socialize with others. Playing a sport requires communication, and that simply cannot be achieved without socialization. By having to communicate with team members, children learn to socialize with others and can also form very strong bonds with team members.

Our country is at a place where nearly anything and everything is ‘offensive’. People will get all worked up if even one word is taken the wrong way. Taking criticism is a vital skill to learn because it not only makes one easier to get along with, but also can further ones success when he/she can spot their own mistakes. Being a part of a team sport brings on games or competitions, games or competitions bring on nervousness, nervousness brings on mistakes, and mistakes bring on the coach broadcasting every mishap. If a child can learn to accept a coach’s nagging, they can grow as a person. Realizing the actions chosen is wrong can be difficult, but can help in the long run. Children who learn early to accept criticism and move on have a …

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